Late Adulthood 65-Death

  • Late Adulthood age 65-death

    Late adulthood 65-death
    1. Biosocial
    Ageism prejudice based of age is common and harmful to late adulthood
    Loss of body mass
    Face shrink
    Body shrink
    Hearing fades
    Driving may not be the best due to age, reading road signs take longer, and turning my head becomes harder
    Impairment of senses will set in
    2. Cognitive
    My brain area will shrink
    My thinking processes slow down
    Neuro cognitive disorders will set in as cognitive reserve shrinks
    Hypertension and depression can be experienced
    3. Psychosoc
  • Epilougue

    I have estimated that I will die at the age of 95 years. I have already started making arrangements for my death. I told my children when I die they should arrange my funeral and bury me in my family house in Nigeria. I have already prepared my durable power of attorney, advance directives, and living wills. I told my kids that they should not put me in a nursing home or group home when I am at the final stage of my life. I have my life insurance so that when I die, my family will have enough mo
  • Reflective Paper

    The process of creating a timeline reminds me of the stages of life from birth to the present day. From the age of 2, I started toilet training, was able to pronounce mama and started crying when my caregiver was absent. The stages of life comprises of biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial. It is amazing; by putting it in a timeline it helps one to see each stage of development in life and in turn to appreciate every stage of life and the process one undergoes. I really enjoyed the timeline bec