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By ghe5
  • I was born!

    I was born on June 25th 2002 in the morning at 10:00a.m.
  • My First Birthday!

    My first birthday was celebrated with all my relatives a friends.I am really special to my relatives and family members because I was the first child on my dad's side and my mom's side.I love my family members.
  • Moving to North Carolina

    I was coming to NC, everything was new.I missed my relatives and my friends.Mostly my grandparents, I would defiently miss the delicious food that my grandmother made.
  • New friends!

    I barely knew anbody when I moved to NC, but there were many people that looked nice there was a girl who looked kinda like me I went and asked her name she said Manaswi I was suprised because that was the same exact same middle name as mine we both became best friends forever.
  • First time going to school!

    First time going time going to school was scary but fun. Everything was new. I couldn't speak proper english. I didn't know anbody except for my teacher. After a few days I became friends with a girl named Sri Pallavi she was super nice and friendly. She was also from India.
  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal
    My intrest on the Taj Mahal started when I was 7 years old. I was assigned to do a project on the Taj Mahal. I searched and learned many facts about the history of the Taj Mahal.I made many power points about it. Finally I became a reporter on the Taj Mahal.
  • Visiting My Family Members

    Visiting My Family Members
    I was going to India to meet my relatives and family members.I was extremly excited to go to India, I could meet my friends, have fun , and obviously eat the delicious food that my grandmother makes."I will have so much fun" I thought.
  • Green Hope Elementry

    Green Hope Elementry
    "New school" I thought. I was really excited but scared at the same time, because I didn't know anybody at Green Hope Elementry. For a second it seemed different ,then I saw many familiar faces. Some of my friends also joined GHE.Hooray I told myself.I will have a awesome time. P.S I was going to 4th grade.
  • 5th Grade!!!!!!

    My teacher was Mrs.Barksdale and I was so excited and happy.I knew that she was the best teacher ever.