Kristen W. Life

  • The day I was born

    The day before I was born, my mom said all I did was move around constantly. She couldn't sleep or anything. Then that night, her water broke. My father took her to ARH to see the doctor. My mom was in labor for 23 hours and the doctors thought she was going to have to do a C section. It was the worst pain she said, but it was the best moment of her life.
  • Period: to

    Kristen W. Life

  • 1 year old

    It took me a while to start talking,but once I did, no one could get me to quit saying the word bobo. I would call everything bobo no matter what it was. After a few months, I quit saying it but I would still call my uncle bobo. I still call him that now and so does all of my other cousins.
  • 2 years old

    I lived in South Carolina for a year. We moved there the day after my 2nd birthday and moved back to Middlesboro when I turned 3. We ended up moving there because my dad worked at the Sonic Drive In down there. I don't remember much anymore from living there. All I remember are things that I have seen in pictures.
  • 3 years old

    One summer afternoon, my family went over to one of their friends house. Me and Courtney, were running around a table and I tripped over the leg of the table. I tried catching myself, and then i fell face first into the glass table. My parents ran in the room yelling to get my attention to see if i was still awake. Once I rolled over, all they seen was blood and scratches across my face. My mom tried to not freak out but she ended up doing it. I went to the hospital and had to get 7 stitiches.
  • Barney Obsession

    The only way that I would go to sleep is if someone would put Barney on for me. I remember that I would watch if for 30 minutes and then my mom would lay down with me and I would fall straight asleep. My birthday cakes always had to be a Barney theme until I was 7. Everytime a new barney doll would come out, my mom would go buy it for me. I was definitely obsessed.
  • Hot Curlin Iron

    Going to my mamaws house was also one of my favorite things to do. One day that i was there though was an extremely bad memory. My cousin Nikki had a curling iron on and I didnt know that it was on. Well i was sitting in the bathroom and she told me to hold it. I thought it was still cold and turned off so i laid it on my leg. Once i did, i felt the heat and pain. I jumped up as fast as i could and started running. I now have a scar on my right leg shaped like a fish.
  • Beach Trip

    Me and my best friend Courtney and our family, went to the beach in Florida. We were dying to go and play in the ocean. Once we got there, our moms suprised us with match barney one piece bathing suit. We never wanted to take it off, which we had to. Me and her would go down to the beach, put our barney dolls in the chair and play in the ocean all day.
  • Bee Cheerleader

    This is the first year that I ever started cheering. I was so excited because I would go and watch my sister cheer and now I was finally able to do it. My nerves were really bad though my very first practice. I didn't want my mom to leave me but she said she had to. After my first practice though, i was fine. I was officially a Middlesboro Bee cheerleader
  • September 11 Attack

    There isn't much I remember besides my teacher turning on the news and begin crying. I wasn't too sure what exactly happened, but I knew it had to be bad. After school, when I went home my mom and dad watched the news all night long. My mom tried to explain to me what was happening without scaring me but I still didn't really understand it. Now that I think about it, it's extremely scary. I am grateful that nothing like that has happened to us again.
  • Halloween Disaster

    I also thought Halloween would be fun and not a horrible mess. I was the Little Mermaid for halloween. I couldn't wait until all of my friends got to see my costume. We got to wear them to school that day. Everyone ended up loving it. But once it was lunch time, my costume was destroyed. I was walking with a big tray of food and didnt realize there was milk in the floor. Once i stepped in it, i fell and the milk went all over my costume and my red wig. It was for sure a disaster.
  • Death in the family

    I adored my Great Grandma more than anything. It is hard to remember everything about her because I was so young. She would always call me munchkin. I miss everything about her. No matter how much people spoil me now, she definietly had them beat. Her death was very hard because I was always with her. When it happened I wasn't for sure exactly what was going on but i knew enough to make me start crying. I will always miss her.
  • Braces

    Braces were not too bad when i got them. I had to get them because i had a really bad under bite and they wanted to fix it. I dont really remember exactly how bad they hurt or anything, but i do remember that i didn't really have any problems with them. My very first color that i ever picked was baby blue. It was my favorite color back then.
  • Sonic Accidents

    My dad worked at sonic and still does. He is a general mananger. I thought that it was going to be cool and go back and make a drink. My dad went outside so i ran over to try to make a drink. As soon as my dad came back in i tried to run away. The floor was wet where they just popped and i slipped and fell. I hit my face on a pipe with a bunch of zip ties on it. One of them hit my face and scraped me all the way down my cheek. I now have a scar going all the way down my face.
  • 4th grade fears

    I was very scared to go to 4th grade. I didn't want to go to a different school because i was so use to westend. I cried all morning and begged my mom to not make me go. Once i finally got there though, i went into my class which was mrs. greene and sat down with Taylor Grigsby, Kelsie Standifer, and Brooke Gibbs. After that day, we became best friends. I thank them very much for making me feel comfortable when i was too scared to go.
  • Skate World Disaster

    For my 10th Birthday, I wanted to have my birthday party at the skating rink. My mom got me a hello kitty birthday cake, ice cream and some presents. I was so excited to just go in there and start skating with all of my friends. Once i got in there, i waited on my friends to get there. Courtney came a few minutes later which made me happy. But after an hour later, no one showed up. I ended up crying because i thought everyone hated me. It wasn't the best birthday i have had.
  • Uneven Haircut

    My dad was washing the car and i was in the house with no one. I tried to put my hair back down because it was in a pony tail but i couldnt get the hair bow out. I started freaking out and didn't know what to do. I took the scissors to try to cut the hairbow out but i ended up cutting the entire pony tail off. I ran as fast as i could outside to get my dad. He yelled at me for a few minutes then took me to wal-mart to get it fixed. He was a life saver that day.
  • 6 grade fears

    Six grade seemed like such a big deal to me whenever i was about to go into middle school. I was very scared though when i woke up that morning to get ready. I had to find the perfect outfit to wear. I remember that i wore a pair of dark jeans and a yellow and white shirt. It was one of my favorite shirts. Once i got there, the teachers showed me where to go so i would be comfortable. i am so glad that they were there because they were a major help.
  • First Major Crush

    Everyone has their first major crush when they are little. My first one was Cameron Rancher. We were friends and had been for a while. One of my friends, Holly Mayes told him about me having a crush on him. He came up to me during school and asked me about it. I just started laughing and tried to deny it but i knew that i couldn't. A couple of weeks later, he asked me out and we dated until the middle of 7th grade year. We have been friends ever since after that.
  • 7th Grade Trip

    In 7th grade we all got to go to six flags. It was one of the best trips that i have ever been on. I remember that i sat with Blake, Kelsie and Kristen on the way up there and on the way back. We had to leave at 6 a.m. Me and Kelsie were almost late but we made it just in time. I rode all kinds of rides, except for the water rides because it was raining. But besides the rain, it was a good trip.
  • Goodbye Sister

    My sister had to leave to go to college at EKU in the summer. Me and my entire family was dreading the day she had to leave for a while. When she was finished packing the rest of her stuff, we all got in the car. My mom began to cry, which made me cry. We all talked about how much everything will change and how different stuff will be. But we knew that she was going to always be positive and do the right thing. She is now graduated from Eastern and will be attending UK medical school in the fall
  • 8th Grade Prom

    Prom was great. I didnt have a date or anything, but i went with a bunch of my friends. We ate at La Esperanza and then went and danced forever. After we went to prom, everyone went to Boone Bowlings house for the after party. We swam, roasted marshmellows and just hung out. It was a very good day.
  • Disney World & Sea World

    I went to Disney World one summer with my aunt, uncle, sister and two cousins. It was my first time ever being there and it was for sure a great trip. We went to Disney World one day and then the next day we went to Sea World. Sea World was my favorite. We watched the Shamu show and got to ride the Manta which was a new ride there. I had a blast.
  • High School Cheerleading

    I had to tryout for High School cheerleading for the first time. My nerves were going crazy that day. I was shaking and almost in tears. When i went in with my group to try out, i made sure i was loud and that i smiled the entire time. My flips, cheer, and dance all went good. A few hours later, I came back to the high school to see if i made it or not. Once i ran up there, i seen my number and started running and smiling so big! It was one of the greatest days.
  • First day of High School

    I was terrified for my first day of high school. Every one told me I would love it but i was sure that it was going to be the worst thing ever. I had no idea that it was actually going to be the greatest thing ever. I love high school and have since the first day. Yes it can be stressful sometimes, but it is still fun. I remember what i wore on the first day. It was a white shirt with a yellow tank top and jeans. I was scared of the seniors but now the seniors are my best friends.
  • Zip Tie Accident

    My sister was moving into her new apartment so i was going to help un pack some of her things. Well this lamp that she just bought had a zip tie on it and i couldn't get it off. I got a knife and was trying to slide it across to cut it. The knife slipped and cut my finger. I thought it was just a small cut so i ran to the bathhroom. When i looked, i realized it went completely through. I ran and got my mom and she could tell i was turning very pale. I ended up passing out.
  • 16th Birthday

    Today is my birthday :) I have been celebrating all weekend though with family and friends. I have finally turned 16 and very excited. I am going to go try to get my permit on wednesday. Hopefully I will be able to pass it.