Kris bernier middle eastern time line

  • Jewish claims to Palistine

    British supports Zionism movement by the Balfour Declaration.
  • Period: to

    kris bernier middle eastern time line

  • Arab Opposition and a new British Policy

    Britian limited Jewish immigration to Palistine
  • Palestine and the UN

    Britain turned the Palistine problem over to the UN General Assembly. To endthe British mandate.
  • Israeli war for independence

    Arab nations defied the UN decision for a Jewish state and attacked Israel. They ended up loosing territory to Israeli.
  • Sinai Campaign

    Israel invaded Egypt to wipe away Guerrilla basses and end the Aqaba Blockade.
  • Arab-Israeli War

    a six day war ended with Arab seized from Egyptand more.
  • Arab supports for the PLO

    The PLO was declared to be the " Sole Legitimate Representative of the Palistine people".
  • Splits in the PLO

    Israel invaded Lebanon and forced most out. Then later on Syria helped drive the rest away.
  • New Constitution

    They designed a new Constitution to increase the power of Lebanon's Muslum and end the Civil War.