King Philip IV and Catholic Pope Boniface VIII

  • Dec 24, 1294

    Boniface became the pope

    This is when Boniface became the pope and later began the conflict between him and King Philip.
  • Dec 9, 1296

    King Philip made the tax that popes had to pay

    Pope Boniface VIII was against this tax he issued the Papal Bull ("One Holy")
  • Dec 9, 1300

    What started the feud between King Philip and Boniface

    Boniface tried to set the rule where the popes had ethority on kings like before. This is when King Philip threw him in jail.
  • Oct 11, 1303

    Catholic Pope Boniface VIII died

    When Pope Boniface VIII died from stress when King Philip threw him in prison, later the towns people rescued him but out of stress he soon died. When he died the feud ended.
  • Dec 9, 1310

    After the popes death King Philip proceeded his plans.

    He forced Pope Clement V to initiate proceedings to determine that Boniface was heretical
  • Nov 29, 1314

    French King Philip IV died

    When King Philip IV died. He was the son of Philip III. He made a tax that would make popes pay for the cursades.