Key Events During James Madison's Presidency

  • Inauguration

    James Madison is inaugurated and begins his presidency.
  • John Henry's Letters Exposed

    The letters themselves indicated that the Governer General of Canada was inciting rebellion and revolt in New England.
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana is admitted as the 18th state.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

    The War of 1812 was sparked for several reasons, including forced impressment of Americans into the British Royal Navy. The war ends up with the British losing several leaders/commanders, also ending as Status Quo Ante Bellum, or in layman's terms, the way things were before the war, with no territorial changes occuring.
  • Death of Tecumesh

    General Harrison is victorious in the Battle of the Thames, in which Tecumesh, an American Indian leader who was against the US, died. The Battle of the Thames also ends British control of northwest and upper Canada, and thus was an extremely strategic battle.
  • Embargo

    James Madison urges Congress to pass an embargo on Britain, and calls for a total ban of all imports from Britain. The embargo is passed just days later.
  • Embargo

    Napoleon falls, and signals Madison to lift the embargo on neutral nations.
  • Defence of Fort McHenry Written

    The poem, "Defence of Fort McHenry", was written on this day by Francis Scott Key. This poem contained what would become the lyrics to the National Anthem.
  • Treaty of Ghent Signed

    James Madison traveled to Europe to sign the treaty of Ghent, effectively ending the war.
  • Indiana

    Indiana becomes a state.