Kato Leung's 10-year Timeline

  • Birthday

  • Citizenship Award

    Citizenship Award
    I won the citizenship award in grade 8
  • Graduated Grade 8 John Wise Public School

    I gratuated Grade 8 @ John Wise Public School and won the CITIZENSHIP AWARD
  • Volunteered helping out with the DOWT (day out with thomas)

    Volunteered helping out with the DOWT (day out with thomas)
    I volunteered because I wanted ti get some hours for Volunteer Work and I was at home being bored over the summer. So I decided to volunteer there.
  • Work Experiences

    Worked for COLDEX, A company that delivers small, medium, and large bar fridges for students in Universities to rent out for one semester or one year of school.
  • Grade 9: Parkside Collegiate Institute

    Parkside Collegiate Institute
    First day of Highschool
  • Accomplished Longboarding and Skateboarding

  • Resume Created

    I made my very first Resume.
  • Mom and Dad Divorced...

    I am now living with my mom and I don't know where my dad is.
  • Accomplishment

    fixed my bike because I was bored
  • Moving out of my mom's house

    I will maybe be moving out of my moms house and get my own appartment. I will be going on student wellfare and I will still be going to school and College/University
  • Buy my first car

    I will buy my first car when i'm 18m and have a good paying job.
  • Going to University or College

    The universities I have in mind are Univerity of Toronto, University of Guelph. The Colleges that I want to go to are Fanshawe college in St. Thomas or London Ontario.