Katie Life

  • Cognitive -Prenatal Development & Birth

    My mother and father speak to me in the womb. I reacted when they played John Denver. Today I still love his music.
  • Biosocial - Prenatal Development & Birth

    Attaining viability, at any time my mom and dad was ready for my to arrive. I was born on devils night, which my mother said explained me sometimes. I was the first girl to be born.
  • Psychosocial-Prenatal Development & Birth

    My grandmother had a baby shower in honor of me. My parents did not find out the sex of the baby, but everyone hoped after three boys to have a girl!
  • Psychosocial - 1st Years

    My mother and father worked full time to support my three bothers so I started going to the babysitter. Beth was my first sitter and I named every baby doll after her.
  • Biosocial - 1st Years

    Started crawling at seven months and taking my first steps at 10 months. I have always wanted to keep up with my brothers.
  • Cognitive - 1st Years

    Said dad and mom
  • Cognitive - Play Years

    Sang the entire Frosty the Snowman Song at the preschool play. For months after I still would sing this song.
  • Psychosocial - Play Years

    My dad passed away from a drug over dose. I miss him all the time and look forward to a time when we can be together again.
  • Biosocial - Play Years

    I learned to ride my bike on my own, after many days of practice. My first bike was green and black.
  • Biosocial - School Years

    Ran in my first track meet and won first place. I did not make it to Hershey Pennsylvania, but I learned I was pretty fast.
  • Cognitive - School Years

    Wrote my first speech in seventh grade, sex and how it affects teens. At the time I don't think I knew what I was talking about. Speech was a great class for me to learn how to speak in front of others.
  • Psychosocial - School Years

    Went to Lake Powell with my friend and stayed on her house boat for a week, with out my parents. I returned to Lake Powell for many more years!
  • Biosocial- Adolesense

    Was a good student and daughter, after puberty things changed. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and my mother and I had a hard time getting along.
  • Cognitive - Adolescense

    Had my first talk about the birds and bees with my doctor. My mother never spoke to me about boys, puberty, or anything that had to do with sex.
  • Psychosocial- Adolescense

    Had my first kiss at my freshman birthday party.
  • Cognitive - Emerging Adulthood

    Started my first year of college, was not sure what I wanted to major in. After four years I decided to become a high school history teacher.
  • Biosocial- Emering into Adulthood

    Played soccer for Bowling Green Univesity and had a great time in college.
  • Psychosocial- Emering Adulthood

    I worked at Fed Ex during college and met my husband at a yearly kick off meeting. After a few months I knew he was the one.
  • Cognitive -Adulthood

    Returned to school and earned a degree in nursing. My second time in college was more productive becuase I had a purpose and others depending on my success. I will continue my education and earn a masters degree to teach others in nursing.
  • Biosocial - Adulthood

    I have been blessed and conceived three beatiful children and foster many more. I love being a mom and want to do anything to provide a positive loving environment for all children.
  • Psychosocial -Adulthood

    Now that we have an empty nest I have had an opportunity to find myself and spend time with my husband. Our marriage is great and I love him more than ever!
  • Psychosocial -Late Adulthood

    I have retired from nursing and teaching. I dedicate my time to my family, friends, and community. My husband and I maintain a family farm so we can have organic food and live off the earth. We believe it's important to teach our children and grandchildren how to survive on the land and to only take what you need and share with others.
  • Biosocial - Late Adulthood

    I have taken care of myself physically by eating healthy foods and working out. I enjoy waking up in the morning eating an organic breakfast from our organic farm, doing yoga. In the afternoon I spend time with my grandchildren and children. In the evening I spend time with my husband, and retire for the night feeling happy and satisfied with my life.
  • Cognitive- Late Adulthood

    A cure for Dementia was discovered and I am able to remember my life and enjoy my current time with family and friends.
  • Cognitive - Death and Dying

    I made sure that I left a will for my family and friends. It's important for them to know what my wishes are for before and after is pass away.
  • Psychosocial - Death and Dying

    I asked that my family have a party and not a funeral. You must celebrate and remember someone in a positive way. I wish to have my ashes spread over Estes Park in Colorado. I hope to leave this world with no regrets and have done everything possible to love and make an impact on everyone in my life!
  • Biosocial - Death and Dying

    I died of old age and a broken heart from losing my husband a few years prior. Hospice was used in the last six months to help me relax and embrace my destiny.