Justin Timeline

  • Hello World

    Hello World
    I was born to Rosalia Wisniewski and Clarence Williams Jr.
  • I'm Back

    I'm Back
    I would like to be in spanish because I think that it would be cool to speak a different language.
  • See - ya Prairie

    See - ya Prairie
    When I graduate, I would like to get all A's and be in Honors Society
  • Marist

  • Goal 1

    Goal 1
    My first goal for High School is to make the golf team.
  • Goal 2

    Goal 2
    My second goal is to make the lacrosse team.
  • Goal 3

    Goal 3
    My third goal for High School is to be in Honors Society.
  • Goal 4

    Goal 4
    My fourth goal for High School is to get all A's.
  • Goal 5

    Goal 5
    My final goal for High School is to get a GPA of at least 3.80
  • Graduation

    Two possible tthings that may stand in my way are living on my own and not being able to pay for myself.
  • College

    After High School i would like to go to college and become a Financial Manager.
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    I hope my parents are there to see me graduate from college and they wil feel proud of me.
  • Life Goal 1

    Life Goal 1
    I would like to go skydiving because it seems like an aventurous thing to do.
  • Life Goal 2

    Life Goal 2
    I would like to get married.
  • Life Goal 3

    Life Goal 3
    I want to have 2-3 kids.
  • LIfe Goal 4

    LIfe Goal 4
    I want to travel to California because I have only been there once.
  • LIfe Goal 5

    LIfe Goal 5
    I want to travel to florida because I like being there when its always warm.
  • Bye World

    Bye World
    I want to live until I am 85 years old.