Junior Year 2010-2011

  • Tennis Season Starts

    Tennis Season Starts
    The mandatory practices begin for the third year of tennis. We start in the morning and then Varsity does practices in the afternoon.
  • Junior Year Begins

    Junior Year Begins
    The beggining of Junior year. The very first day began on August 16th. It was Gail's birthday and the day was cut short.
  • Seventeen!

    I turned 17!! It wasn't as exciting as it usually is. I didn't have a party, although I did want one. It was the same old same old. I had my traditional one with my friends Corrie and Ella. Nick got me a present and he ate over at my house. But, ti was all simple.
  • Yu-Ching Lin

    Yu-Ching Lin
    I met a new friend! We met at tennis practice. At first she couldn't say my name, but it must have stuck.She was from Taiwan and she said to call her Jill, cause I couldn't say her name either. This made me smile- I have a cousin named Jill. So, our friendship grew and grew into a strong one.
  • The Truth I've Learned

    The Truth I've Learned
    I've learned that this class was going to be a long one, because I sat at Dakota Talbott's table. That is a truth that I learned this year from the class. I will be so happy when he is gone, because he is so disruptive..
  • One Year

    One Year
    Nick and I reached our mark for one year. We spent a lovely night at the park by our tree. We wanted to carve our names in it, but that was a fail; who knew it took an expert to tree carve.
  • Lafayette Tournament

    Lafayette Tournament
    Lafayette had their tennis tournament. I did some experimentation and instead of doing soubles I did singles. I end up getting first place! Yes, there were only four schools. But, I felt accomplished and pretty pumped. The medal has a green and white rope to show that it is from Lafayette.
  • Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

    Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
    We start talking about persuasive essays. We learned about ethos, pathos, and logos and about what they mean. By doing this someone could make a really great arguement.
  • The Book Thief

    The Book Thief
    One of my favorite books that I have read this year is "The Book Thief". I've had this book since Middle School, but could never really get into it. I'm glad I stuck with it this time, because it ended up being on my top faves list.
  • Happy 2011!

    Happy 2011!
    It was the New Years!! I went to Nicks Cousin's house. I engaged in many games of pool and ate some food. The majority of the time Nick did magic tricks. So, I spent a lot of time with his Dad and this creepy drunk guy (Cause they are always fun).
  • Making a Thesis Statement

    Making a Thesis Statement
    The class begins working on our research papers. We learn how to conduct thesis statements, which I tend to forget. Mine was about high school relationships and my thesis ended up being pretty good.
  • My Valentines Day

    My Valentines Day
    I know, this isn't the day of Valentines Day. Vday landed on a Monday, so Nick and I went on our date the weekend before. We were planning on Texas Roadhouse, but Nick decided the line was too long. We then attempter Cheddars and came to the same problem. So, we went to one of my favorites, IHOP. Which ended up being pretty good. He got me fake flowers so they wouldn't die.
  • Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

    Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
    This is the play that I was in. It is only th second play I've ever been in; I was a crab. This was a stressful period, because there were so many snow days. I didn't really enjoy doing this one.
  • What We Carry

    What We Carry
    I wrote a letter for an assignment in our class after we talked about what we carry, This letter was special to me. I don't know if it was graded or not, but this was definitely one of my favorite assignments. It was a letter to my dead sister- Wendy
  • Joined Soccer

    Joined Soccer
    I was at a home game for soccer. Then, out of no where, I decided "why wait next year when you got this year." I got the nerve to ask the coach if I could join and he said "yeah!" The following day i had my first practice. I was in soccer for about two weeks.
  • Ntional Honors Society

    Ntional Honors Society
    Got into NHS. It was the night of the induction as I converted into a member. We held candles and I had to wear this white dress that looked horrible.
  • Torn ACL

    Torn ACL
    I was at soccer practice and we were doing some scrimmaging. I believe someone kicked my leg; I saw my leg go to the right and heard a snap. I was on the ground. When I got home it didn't feel better. I went to the doctor's and after an x-ray and a MRI, they came to the conclusion that I had torn my ACL.
  • Five Leads to an Essay

    Five Leads to an Essay
    We learned about the five leads to an essay- description, metaphor, quotation, strong statement, and question. I think this is important to remember, so it was a good lesson to learn. Without these you wouldn't hav a lead.
  • "Cloudy Days"

    "Cloudy Days"
    "Cloudy Days" is my personal essay. It a piece I am proud of. I wrote it in a small amount of time, but it means so much to me. Right now is a time that I really need perseverence and by writing that it made me realize that that is what I want.
  • Surgery

    I get surgery on my ACL. I have never had surgery before, so I am really scared. I know I will be alright though, because my doctor is very experienced. My family will be there with me plus my nick Zawodny-Walkup.