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  • I was born

    I was born
    i was born on 24th february
  • Pet

    my first pet was a golden we lasted 8 days with her and we returned her because she grew so much
  • fifth grade graduation

    fifth grade graduation
  • my studies in high school

    my studies in high school
    military school
  • Travels

    my first time in usa
  • Military

    start military part
  • Death

    when my grandfather death were one of the most sad years of my life
  • my first travel to new york

    my first travel to new york
    New york
    one of the best walks of my life thanks to my graduation and grade gift I could know that enormous city
  • Graduation

    I graduated from military school with honors and in clean
  • College

    enter the forest university to study bioengineering
  • Tatto

    my first tattoo is a symbol by my grandfather