Jason Ngo Autobiograpghy

  • When I was born

    I was born on Sept . 4th , 1995
  • Period: to

    My Birth

  • When I first walked

    I first walked on June 12th ,1996 .
  • Baptism

    I got baptizied when i was two years old at Mary Mother Of The Church .
  • Vacation at Toronto

    Went to Toronto with family when I was three years old.
  • Pre-School

    Going to Pre-School
  • First day of school

    I went to Lord Nelson School when I was five years old . I only stayed for two years . Then moved .
  • Attending Sunday School

    Went to sunday school .
  • Moving in

    I moved into my new house so I can live in a better atmosphere/environment and for a better education .
  • St. Maurice School

    This was my first day of school. I was in grade two , and I remember being late for class . I was embrassed .
  • Track meet

    My first track meet and won a silver medal in high jump.
  • Getting my first pet

    Got my first dog in 2004.
  • Playing my first instrument

    I played my first instrument when I was in grade five. This instrument was called a recorder . I was happy .
  • Communion

    My First communion
  • Graduating from Elementary school

  • Junior high

    I went to junior high when i was in grade seven . It was a challenging year for me due to the homework and stress .

    Went to Orlando on my summer vacation with my family
  • Basketball banner

    I won my first basketball banner ever in St.Maurice school. This was one of the greatest accomplishments in my life
  • MVP

    I won my first MVP trophy when I was in grade eight .
  • Teenager

    Became a teenager on my birthday.
  • Conformation

    My First Conformation at St.Maurice School . I received the gift of knowledge.
  • Graduating Junior high

  • Vietnam vacation

    This was the first time I went to Vietnam with my family. It was a awesome experience to learn my culture more better .
  • High school

    High school was even a bigger challenge than junoir high , I am still continuing and finishing my last year in high school. I also got honour roll twice in previous years .
  • Honour roll

    I got honour roll in grade 10 and grade 11.
  • Honour roll second time

    Got Honour roll second time in grade 11 .
  • Orlando : DisneyWorld

    Disneyworld vacation with family
  • Birthday

    I turned 17 on sept 4th , 2012