Israeli Palestinian Conflict

  • WW2

    British -controlled Palestine into Arab and Jewish states Results : Jews accepted partition plan and were happy all the islamic countries voted aginst it and Plaestinians rejected it outriht
  • Period: to

    U.N Partiton plan

  • Period: to

    U.N Partition Plan

  • Key Player - Israel

    United Nations declares parition of Palestine into both a Palestinian & Jewish state
  • First Arab-Israeli war

    Israel declared itself an independent sate led to first Arb-Israeli War
  • israel

    war of independence
  • israel

    israel immediately attacked by five arab countries : Egypt , Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon
  • the suez war

    Egypt nationalized Suez Canal Isrea, Britain and France attacked Egypt and captured the canal and Sinal peninsula U.S opposed attack and U.S and U.N imposed a cease-fire and with draw from sinai
  • the six day war

    Israel preemptively attacked egypt after egypt mobilized its army jordan and syria attacked israel war ended with decisive victory for israel and israel tripled amount of territory i controlled
  • Results of six day war

    israel captured this territory in 1967: Golan Heights from Syria, West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip from Egypt
  • Results of the six day war

    Israek now governed 1 million palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank UN Security Conil passed Resolution 242 calling for israel to withdraw from the occupied territories Israel refused also called for arab states to recognize israel and gruarantee security fof israel's bordes
  • Permanent Borders of Palestinian State

    Palestinians want Israeli withdraw to pre1967 borders and establishment of independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Israel still occupies and controls parts of the West Bank. 300,000 Jewish settlers now live in West Bank and Israel has annexed some West Bank Territory
  • results of the six day war

    arab's suffered humiliating defeat but arab leaders remained MAny palestinians became radicalized and turned to guerilla groups like the PLO Yasser Arafat's group , FATAH took control of the PLO
  • Palestinian Liberation Organization

    actions- under Arafat , PLO fougt a: decades-long guerilla war against Israel to"liberate Palestine GOAL: destruction of israel and establishment of secular palestinian state
  • PLO Terrorism Munich OLympics

    11 israeli athletes abd coaches killed at munich Palestinian terrorist from "Black September"
  • Yom KIppur War

    Egypt and Syria attackked israel on jewish holy day israel repelled attack and cease fire declared
  • Camp David Accords

    peace treaty signed by israel and egppt egypt became first arab state to recognize israel israel returned sinai peninsula to egypt anwar sadat assassinate by islamic extremists in 1981
  • israel's invasion of lebanon

    israel invaded lebanon to destroy PLO bases negotiated settlement allowed Arafat and PLO fighters to go to Tunisia israeli army occupied southern lebanon for almost 20 years (until 200)
  • 1987-1990 First intifada

    palestinian uprising against israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza first suicide attacks in israel 1,500 palestinians and 400 israeli's died over six years
  • rise of hamas

    islamic militant group founded in 1987 with vow to "liberate palestine through violent jihad" has carried out scores of suicide bombings against Israel during past decade supported by iran and syria
  • oslo accords

    Preident Clinton brokered peace agreement between israel and the PLO PLO recognized israel's right to exist and renounced use of violence PLO goal no a palestinian state next to israel
  • jordanian-israeli peace agreement

    jordan became only the second arab state to sign a peace treaty with israel
  • 200-2005 second intifadda

    clinton's attempt to reach final settlement between israel and palestinians in 200 failed led to second , more violent, palestinian uprising dozens of suicide bombings in israel and israeli crack-down in Gaza/ West Bank left thousands dead
  • israeli disengagement

    israel acted to "disengage" from Palestinians by evacuating all Gaza settlements and withdrawing all troops from Gaza also began construction of a controversial security barrier separating israel from the West Bank
  • lebanon war

    Hezbollah attacked israeli civilian areas with rockets and killed eight Israeli soldiers Israel responded by bombin and invading lebanon again to destroy Hezbollah Month-long war leaves 1,500 dead before U.N brokered cease-fire agreement
  • Hamas Election victory

    Hamas won surprise victory over Fatah in Palestinian Elections and takes control of Palestinain parliament creates bitter division b/Fatah and Hamas Western Nations cut off aid to Palestinian Authority
  • palestinian civil

    in 2007 fighting roke out in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah forces Hamas defeated Fatah and took control of Gaza Fatah now controls only the part of West Bank not under Israeli occupation
  • peace process stalled over settlements

    Palestinians insist that Israel halt expansion of all settlements before they'll return to peace talks. Current Israeli government has so far refused. Obama has backed off demands for complete halt to construction. Palestinians have accused U.S of "backpedaling" on settlement issue
  • 2008-2009 War in Gaza

    almost daily rocket attacks against Israeli towns provoked Israeli air strikes and ground assault against Hamas in Gaza three week long war killed 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis Both sides accused of war crimes (deliberately targeting civilians) and Israel widely criticized for iusing excessive froce