Islamic Studies

By 16-312
  • Period: Jan 1, 622 to Dec 31, 630

    The Prophet's (PBUH) Life

  • Sep 24, 622

    The Migration

    After the Prophet (PBUH) was told that he was a messenger of Allah, he told it to other people. He told them to stop idol worshipping. But most the people didn't agree with what he said. They started hating him. They forced the Prophet (PBUH) to leave Makkah. So, he migrated to Madina.
  • Oct 10, 622

    The Charter of Madina

    After reaching Madina, the Prophet (PBUH) made an agreement with all the people in Madina. This agreement was signed by everyone in Madina. This consisted of the Muhajir, the Ansar, and the Jews. This agreement said that everyone had their right to preach their own religion. It also stated that this was a document from the Prophet (PBUH) himself and whenever people differed on anything, they shall refer it to him. There were a total of 57 points in the constitution.
  • Apr 15, 623

    Completion of Marriage to 'Aisha (RA)

    The Prophet (PBUH) married 'Aisha (RA). There is no confirmed information about their ages at the time of their marriage. But it is agreed by everyone that 'Aisha (RA) was very young at the time of her marriage with the Prophet (PBUH).
  • Jan 15, 624

    The Change of Qiblah

    "During the thirteen years of his prophetic mission in Makkah the Prophet used to offer his prayers with his face towards 'Baytul Maqdis'(Jerusalem) and even after his migration to Madina the Divine order was that 'Baytul Maqdis' would continue to be the 'qiblah' and while offering their prayers the Muslims should also turn their faces to the same 'qiblah' to which the Jews turned theirs." This was changed by the order of Allah on the seventeenth month of migration.
  • Mar 13, 624

    Battle of Badr

    The people of Makkah did not like the Prophet (PBUH) preching Islam. So, they tried to stop him and his companions. As a result, the two parties ended up being in war with each other. The battle was fought in a place named Badr. This is considered one of the most significant battles in Islam. Muslims were victorious.
  • Apr 15, 624

    Expedition to Banu Qainuqa

    Banu Qainuqa was a Jewish tribe that lived in Madina. They were jewelers. However, they hated the Muslims and tried to conspire against Muslims. So, the Muslims forced them out of Madina.
  • Jun 15, 624

    Marriage of Fatimah (RA), Prophet's (PBUH) Youngest Daughter

    The Prohpet (PBUH) gave his youngest daughter in marriage to Ali (RA). Many proposals for Fatimah's (RA) marriage came before but the Prophet (PBUH) didn't say anything to them. He was extremely pleased when Ali (RA) came with a proposal.
  • Mar 15, 625

    Battle of Uhud

    The people of Makkah wanted revenge on the Muslims after the battle of Badr since they lost a lot of valuable things and many leaders to the Muslims. So, this resulted in a battle. The battle was fought in Uhud. The Muslims couldn't win this battle because the Muslim archers didnt listen to an order of the Prophet (PBUH). The Muslims had to retreat since this mistake made it possible for the people of Makkah to perform a surprise attack.
  • Aug 15, 625

    Expedition of Banu Nadir

    Banu Nadir was a Jewsish tribe in Madina. They were conspiring against the Muslims. So, they were drove out of Madina.
  • Dec 15, 625

    Expedition of Second Badr

    This was the second expedition that was sent to Badr by the Prophet (PBUH). This expedition was successful.
  • Feb 15, 627

    Start of Battle of Ahzab (Trench, Defense of Madina)

    The Battle of Khandak was fought in Madina when the infidels tried to kill all the Muslims. The Muslims dug a trench around Madina to defend themselves.
  • Mar 15, 627

    End of Battle of Ahzab (Trench, Defense of Medina)

    The people of Makkah were starving and couldn't get inside Madina successfuly. They also lost a lot of their people. As a result, they had to retreat and leave Madina.
  • Mar 15, 627

    Start of Expedition of Banu Quraizah

    During the Battle of Ahzab, Banu Quraizah helped the people of Makkah. Because of this, the Prophet (PBUH) was very displeased with Banu Quraizah because they broke the constitution of Madina. So, the Prophet (PBUH) told them to leave and give up everything they own to the Muslims and not to hide any of their wealth, otherwise their men would be killed and women and children would be taken as slaves.
  • Apr 15, 627

    End of Expedition of Banu Quraizah

    Some people hid their wealth. As a result, they were killed and Banu Quraizah were forced to leave Makkah. Thus, the expedition ended.
  • Jan 15, 630

    End of the Opening of Mecca

    The Muslims were victorious and won Makkah. The Prophet (PBUH) destroyed all the idols around Kaba. All idols in Makkah were destroyed.
  • Mar 15, 630

    Birth of Ibrahim, the Prophet's (PBUH) Son

    The Prophet's (PBUH) son, Ibrahim, was born.
  • Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

    The Muslims went to perform Umrah in Makkah. But, the people of Makkah did not allow them to do so. Instead, they had a treaty and told the Muslims that they can perform Umrah the following year. This treaty was in favor of the people of Makkah for several reasons. Despite the treaty being unfair, the Prophet (PBUH) signed it. This treaty was signed near Hudaibiyyah, a well.
  • Start of the Invitation to Kings and World Leaders

    The Prophet (PBUH) sent invitations to kings and world leaders to join Islam. This was done to spread Islam because if a world leader accepts Islam, then it is easier to spread the message.
  • End of the Invitation to Kings and World Leaders

    The Prophet (PBUH) stopped sending invitations to the kings and world leaders.
  • Start of the Expedition to Khaybar

    "The town of Khaybar was occupied by the Jews who were for the most part relentlessly opposed to Islam. Although they had not directly taken part in the campaign of the Trench, they had given Quraysh every encouragement ti attack the Muslims, and it was their influence that had incited their allies of Ghatafaan to side with the Quraysh on that occasion" (Islamic Studies, Grade 9, by Molvi Abdul Aziz). So, the Muslims went to Khaybar to stop the people of Khaybar.
  • End of the Expedition to Khaybar

    The expedition to Khaybar ended and the Muslims were victorious after a difficult battle.
  • Completion of Marriage to Umm Habibah (RA)

    The Prophet (PBUH) Married Umm Habibah (RA) after the conquest of Khaybar.
  • Performance of Missed Umrah

    The Prophet (PBUH) performed Umrah with his companions. It is called "Performance of Missed Umrah" because, the Muslims missed their Umrah when they first came to Makkah since the people of Makkah wouldn't allow the Muslims to perform Umrah that year.
  • Khalid and 'Amr bin al-'As Accept Islam

    Khalid Ibn Walid and 'Amr bin al-'As accepted Islam. These two people were two of the greatest fighters in Arabia. They were known for their strength, courage and clever military strategies. So, it was a huge advantage for the Muslims to have these to people.
  • Start of the Opening of Mecca

    The conquest of Makkah began. The Muslims set out to free Makkah of disbelievers. They said that anyone who stayed in certain areas would not be fought in battle. But, if anyone was found outside those areas, they would be killed. So, both the sides prepared for a battle.