Islamic Expansion Timeline

  • 570

    muhammad birthday

    he was born in mecca
  • 622


    Muhammad fled to the city of Medina
  • 630

    Converted to Islam

    Many Arabian tribes converted to Islam
  • 632

    Muhammad died

    Muhammad died
  • 632

    Orthodox Caliphate

    The first four caliphs, all of them from Muhammad's family.They expanded the Empire by conquering Egypt,Syria and Persia.
  • 661

    Umayyad Caliphate

    The Umayyad family took the power and moved the capital of the Empire of Damascus.They continued the expansion through North Africa , the Iberian Peninsula , the Indus River...
  • 711

    Battle of Guadalete

    An army of Berbers led by an Arab minority crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and defeated the Visigoths in the Battle of Guadalete, in which King Roderic died.
  • 718

    The dependent Emirate

    After the military conquest, Al-Andalus became a province or emirate that was dependent on the Umayyad Caliphate of Damascus, the capital was established in Cordoba and an emir was appointed to rule the emirate.
  • 750

    Abbasid Caliphate

    This family killed the Umayyad family and took over power.They moved.
  • 756

    The independent Emirate

    In 750, the caliphs in Damascus were overthrown by the Abbasids of Baghdad. The last member of the Umayyad family, Prince Abd al-Rahman, fled to Al-Andalus in 756. He broke away from the Baghdad Caliphate, founded the Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba and were independent in politics and dependent in religion.
  • 929

    The caliphate of Córdoba

    The emir Abd al-Rahman III wanted to impose his authority, and, in 929, he proclaimed himself caliph and established the Caliphate of Córdoba, a territory independent from the authority of Baghdad.
  • 1031

    The taifa Kingdoms

    From 1008, the Caliphate began to break up.By 1031, Al-Andalus was divided into more than 25 independent kingdoms called taifas,they were military weaker as a result of the political fragmentation.
  • 1086


    Arrival of the Almoravids
  • 1147


    Arrival of the Almohads
  • 1248

    Abbasid Caliphate

    End of Abbasid Cailphate
  • 1248

    The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada

    Granada was one of the most important cultural and commercial centres in Europe. The prosperous economy allowed the sultans to pay high taxes in gold to Castile to avoid attacks. This made their survival possible until 1492 when Boabdil, the last ruler of Granada, surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs.
  • 1492

    Fall of Al-Andalus

    Conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs