islamic empire timeline

  • Nov 8, 610

    gabriel speaks to muhammad

    gabriels angle speakes to muhammad for the first time. muhammad was 40 years old . The talk was belived to be include in the Qur'an.
  • Nov 12, 622

    muhammad Hijar

    in 622 the people clebrated one year of the islamic religion. muhammad and his followers then moved from mecca to medina which was thought to be the promise land.
  • Nov 12, 632

    muhammad's death

    muhammad died in the year 622. the problem was that mahammad did'nt have a successor so he did'nt appoint someone to take over for him after his death. this created a lot of conflict on who would lead the musslims since muhammad did not have a son.
  • Nov 12, 632


    Abu was on of the men elected to be muhammads successor. he was elected by the shia musslims
  • Nov 12, 632


    Ali was elected to be muhammads successors by the sunni musslims. he was also the first spiritual leader
  • Nov 12, 632

    split of the sunni and shi'i

    after muhammads death both sunni and Shi'i had different opinions on who should be muhammads successor this cause the split of both groups
  • Nov 12, 661

    Umayyad dynasty

    muhammads son-in law cam to power was the start of the umayyad dynasty Ali became the successor for muhammad
  • Nov 12, 750

    fall of the umayyad dynasty

    Abbaside took conrol of the umayyad dynasty he killed any family members of the umayyad dynasty so the dynasty eventually fell
  • Nov 12, 750

    rise of the Abbasid empire

    the umayyad dynasty was took over and then changed to the Abbasid empire after being taken over. Abbasid seized power over muslims
  • Nov 12, 1055

    Abbasid moves capital of islamic

    the empire was being attaked by the seljuq turks so move their capital because of all the fighting
  • Nov 12, 1095

    first crusade

    it was a document created to kept trake of all the important events in history for the people
  • Nov 12, 1258

    fall of Abbasid dynasty

    the turks eventually take control and take over the Abbasid empier wich is the falll of the dynasty
  • house of wisdom

    scholars from all over came to studies in liabraries that where know as houses of wisdom