Islamic and Africa

  • 400

    warfare between byzantine and persian empires

    Interrupted trade routes, and caused them to find new ones.
  • 570

    Mohammed: the Prophet of Islam

    He was born in 570.
  • Apr 19, 622

    Rise of Islam

    Islam rose on the Arabian Peninsula in the early 600s
  • Period: Apr 19, 622 to Apr 19, 722

    spread of Islam

    Within 100 years, Islamic callphates controlled: the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain.
  • Apr 19, 630

    Mecca recaptured

    Moh gathered to retake Mecca in johad
  • Apr 19, 632

    Mohammad dies

  • Apr 19, 750

    Kingdom of Ghana was founded

    Ghana was founded between sengal and Niger Rivers.
  • Apr 19, 1000

    Seljuk Turks from Central Asia capture Bagdad

    Seljuk Turks converted to Islam
  • Apr 19, 1076

    Ghanaians invaded by muslims from North Africa

    Brought Islam to West Africa
  • Apr 19, 1100


    Muslims engage in war with the Christains over control of the Holy Land.