Islam in the United Kingdom

  • First Englishmen to Convert to Islam

    John Nelson was the first englishmen to convert to Islam. This is recorded in the book The Voyage Trip made to Tripoli
  • First English Qur'an

    Alexander Ross created the first english version of the Qur'an. This is helped spread Islam to the western nations.
  • Curry on a British Menu

    Curry made its first apperance on a menu in the Norris Street Coffee House. Since then, it has become a house specialty in many resturants.
  • First Mosque built in UK

    The first mosque in the UK was built on 2 Glyn Rhondda Street in Cardiff.
  • Lord Stanely: The First Muslim Lord

    Henry Edward John Stanley became the first Muslim memeber of The House of the Lords after converting to Islam 7 years earlier.
  • Suez Canal sparks large Immigration.

    The opening of the suez canal sparked a large scale migraion from Yemen to work on the docks and the boats.
  • Muslims in WWI

    Muslims helped the Allies in World War I (specifically the French and British)
  • Muslims in WWII

    Muslims were a big part of WWII as well, helping the Allies for the 2nd time.
  • First Muslim MP

    Mohammed Sarwar was elected to Member of Parliment, making him the first Muslim MP.
  • The Muslim Council of Britain

    The Muslim Council was inagurated on this day, containing more than 250 Muslim groups from all different parts of Britain.