Islam in Australia

  • First Muslim contact with Australia

    Muslims commence trade with the pre-European Aborigines of the Northern Territory.
  • Muslim contact with Europeans

    The first Muslim settlers were hired by Europeans to aid in South Pacific navigation.
  • Muslims used as Camel drivers

    Muslims are hired from central Asia to import, breed, train and manage camels in central Australia.
  • First Australian Mosque built

    The first Islamic Mosque is created from a rusty ol shed in the semi-arid desert of SA.
  • Muslim relations with Aborigines

    First records of Aboriginal-Muslim children and Aboriginal converts to Islam.
  • White Australia Policy

    The WAP caused many troubles for Muslims wishing to emigrate to Australia.
  • First Melbourne Mosque built

    Albanian muslims, who were the only islamic people addmitted during the reign of the White australia Policy, successfully complete the construction of the first Melbourne Mosque.
  • Increased Muslim Immigration

    Due to civil unrest in Lebanon, Australia (who had since relaxed the WAP) experienced a surge of Lebanese-Muslims.
  • 9/11 Bomb panic

    The attacks on the twin towers in New York, USA, cause social uproar against Muslims around the world. The attacks were carried out by extremist Muslims that were part of the organisation known as Al Queda.
  • Contemporary Aussie Muslims

    Since the 9/11 bombings, tensions have relaxed towards Muslims and Islamic culture continues to be intergrated further into Australian society.