Irael Timeline

  • 135

    The Jewish Diaspora

    Jewish Diasopra Jews were either killed or sold after the first fight of romans and jews.
  • 210


    Minah Jewsih law has completed and are now six laws in Jewish Lifes.
  • 330

    New Capital

    Historical Emperor Constantine made his capital to Constaninople and made Christianity the offical religion
  • Oct 9, 610

    New Emperor

    New Emperor Heraclius was named Emperor
  • Oct 10, 611

    Persians Taking over

    Taking over the country Persians take over Antioch, Damascus, all of Syria, Palestine, Asia Minor, and Egypt.
  • Aug 10, 636


    War in 636 The Arabians and the Byzantines went to war on a Hot and WIndy Day. With it being so hot the dirt could be picked up by the wind and blew dust right at Byzantnes People so they lost.
  • Oct 10, 740

    Civil War

    Civil War The power suddenly collapsed in the face of a civil war thr Umayyads were deafeated in every battle.
  • Oct 10, 1099

    Crusades Dminate

    IsraelCrusades dominated everybody for 200 years
  • New Neighborhood

    Israel TimelineMishkenot Sha'ananim is built outside Jerusalem's walls.
  • First Alyia

    Israel TimelineThe First Aliyia mainly from Russia
  • Second Aliyia

    Israel TimelineMainly from Russia and Poland
  • Hebrew University

    Israel TimelineHebrew University opens on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem
  • Hebrew Jews

    Israel TimelineHebron Jews shut down by Arab militants.
  • Etzel Founded

    Israel TimelineEtzel a Jewish underground organization is founded.
  • Jewish Immigiration

    Israel TimelineJewish immigration severely limited by a British White Paper 100,000 maximum immigrantes.
  • WWII

    Israel TimelineWorld War II results of a Holocaust in Europe the British Navy contain emigration from Europe.
  • United Nations 59th Member

    Israel TimelineIsrael added to United Nations as the 59th member.
  • Treaty Signed

    Israel Timeline Israel and Egypt Peace Treaty signed.
  • Nobel Piece Prize

    Israel TimelinePrime Minister Menachem Begin and President Anwar Sadat are awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Israel Attacked

    Israel TimelineIsrael attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles during Gulf war.
  • New Government

    Israel TimelineNew government for Israel headed by Yitzhak Rabin.
  • 50th anniversary

    Israel TimelineIsrael celebrates its 50th anniversary of a state.
  • Massive Rockets hit Israel

    Israel Timeline War in Lebanon,massive rocket attacks on civillans in Northern Israel.
  • Dome of The Rock

    Dome of The rock Dome of the Rock is built for Muslims on the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem
  • New Trade Route

    Trade Routes From the Middle Est and the Far East from Syria to the Tigris and Euphrates.