Invention Timeline Parker Bryant

  • Bifocals

    The bifocals were made in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. They have two focal lengths. One focal length allows the weaver to focas at distance objects. The bifocals are glasses with only one glass. It affected our world because when people need to look to people but they also need to look at people so they don't need to wear them half way down and half way up.
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  • Cottin Gin

    Cottin Gin
    The cottin gin was made in 1793 by Eli Whitney. He went to the college yale. It aaffected people in the South. The is something that seperates the cotten and the seed. It help our world because it helps it not get so itchy and all that stuff.
  • Continous Sewing Machine

    Continous Sewing Machine
    The continous sewing machine was made in 1811 by Issac Singer. He was born in Oct. 27, 1811. He used to be a singer. The continous sewing machine is just a upgrade from the other sewing machines. It affected our world because the girls could make the both of them cloths quicker.
  • Mchanical Reaper

    Mchanical Reaper
    The machanical reaperwas made in 1831 by Cyrus McCormick. The machanical reaper replaced the manuel cutting. It a semi auto matic machine. The machanical reaper is a plow. It helps our world because we don't have to to do it manuel and we also can use cows and animals to do it with that.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    The morse code was made in 1835 by Samuel Morse. You made sound to communicate. There are numbers and numerals. The morse code is something where we make a sound to communicate. It helped our world because we because when people went to talk to each other secretly so people don't know.
  • Telephone

    The telephone was made in 1875 by Alexander Grahm Bell. He was a scientist. He also was a engineer. The telephone is something that we use to comunicate from a long distance. It helped our world because we don't have to talk to people you can just call them.
  • Typewritter

    The typewritter was made in 1886 by Christopher sholes. Some typewritters had circular keyboards. Some had two keybords. The typewritter is something that we use to write a letter and send it in mail. It helped our world because we don't have to go and talk we just have to type and send.
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning
    The air conditioning was made in 1902 by Willis Carter. It keeps you cool. You use it in the summer The air conditioning is something that keeps us cool when it is hot. It helped our wold because when you got realy hot and got ready to pass out we could just go inside and we could get cool that way.'
  • Windshield Wipers

    Windshield Wipers
    The windshield wipers were made in 1903 by Mary Anderson. They are on cars. They rock back and forth. The windshield wipers are used for wiping rain and snow and stuff like that and it does it by just a button. It helped our world because we don't get in wrecks as much because we won't have the rain on our windshield.
  • Zipper

    The zipper was made in 1911 by Percy Spencer. He had about 225 patents in his life. He went to Illinios college. The zipper is used for keeping our pants held up and not letting anything come out. It helped our world because we don't have to button a lot of buttons we can just zip one zipper upand it will be done.
  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    The microwave oven was made in 1945 by Percy Spencer. The microwave oven was used for warming up there food for them. It helped our world because you could keep there food longer and not throw it away because they would just warm it up.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    The computer mouse was made in 1964 by Douglas Engelbert. He had two carrie and accomplishments. It is use for a lot of things . The computer mouse was used for computers so they don't have to use a feel one. It help our world because we could move the mouse much quicker and don't have to move it really slow.