Intro to History Timeline part 2

Timeline created by williamstith
  • 235 CE

    o Death of roman emperor Severus Alexander
  • 105 CE

    o Paper is invented in China
  • 100 CE

    o Buddhism spreads to China
    o Wheelbarrow is invented in China
  • 80 CE

    o Construction of the Colosseum begins in Rome
  • 79 CE

    o Mount Vesuvius buries Pompeii
  • 50 CE

    o Rome is world’s largest city with a population of about one million
  • 30 CE

    o Jesus is crucified outside Jerusalem
  • 4 BCE

    4 BCE
    o Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem
  • 44 BCE

    o Caesar is assassinated in Rome
  • 49 BCE

    o Caesar becomes dictator of Rome
  • 50 BCE

    o Romans perfect glass-blowing
  • 86 BCE

    o Crop rotation is introduced in China