Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon Morgan Klas

  • Chapter 1-3 total pages 464

    Fiction: Adventure--1-65(total 265)
    This begannig of the book starts out talking about the main character Nick Gautier. Nick starts seeming like a bad kid but is actually really nice and cares for people. He was taught this by his mother Cherise who was kicked out by her parents when she was pregnant with Nick. They are poor but do their best. Nick also gets injured by his "friends" and saced by a man named Kyrian and sent to the hospitol. Nick starts waking up.
  • Chapter 3-4 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 65 -99 (total 299)
    These chapters continue with Nick being stuck in the hospital. While Nick is in there a girl named Kody who is heard a bit in the baeganning of the story visits Nick. Also there isn't something fully right with her but not knowing yet.As Nick heads home is going to be back at school he is picked up by some rich kids for his safety. They get to school to find a student hurt anouther student. This part end right here making me want to read more.
  • Chapter 4-6 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 100-155 (total 355)
    In this area you find out some kid tried to eat anouther. Also Bubba a super smart yet crazy person is introduced. His friend Mark aslo gets introduced and is crazy and smart like Bubba to. Also zombies come into pl;ay and try to attack Nick but actually want a smart kid named Madaug. Nick also starts his first day of work at Kyrains house.
  • Chapter 6-8 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 156- 210 (total 410)
    Here it's Nicks first day of work at Kyrains. He finds out that he is going to get payed alot of money./ Also Nick gets attacked by more zombies and this is were he meets Ash. A kick butt and scary guy who nick finds out is a god. The chapter ends with Ash droppiong Nick off at his house and Nicks mom asking Ash a bit about himself which doesn't give much information on him still.
  • Chapter 8-12 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 211- 285 (total 485)
    In this chapter Nick tries to convince his mom to quit her job as a stripper because he will make enough money. His mother of course says she wont. Nick goes with hismom to her work and leaves to help out Ms. Liss Nick's old boss. Here he meets Caleb a jock . They head over to Bubbas to help out with the zombies that are going around town.We also find out that Madaug is the reason people are becoming zombies. That is basically were the chapter ends.
  • Chapter 12- 13 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 287- 335 (total 535)
    In these chapters Madaugs family is attacked because of Madaug. Nick also starts te release his future powerrs he is going to get when he is attaked by demons. Nick aslo meets a girl named Simi who is really strange and an oddball.Plus they find a way to make the zombies normal people again. Then you meet Ambroses Nicks "uncle" or future self.
  • Chapter 14 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 336- 368 (total 568)
    in this chapter actuall zombies come to get Nick and his friends.Madaug also finds out his famaily has been captured by the zombies all because he basically made them. Also Bubba has to go get Nicks mom and do to that he gets her out of work by trancing her.It ends with Nick having an image og Kody killing him.
  • Chapter 14- 17 total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 369 -415 (total 615)
    In these chapters Mad aug gets sent into trap because he belives it is his fault his family went missing. More zombies come to attack everyone. Also Ambroses shows himself to Nick again to help him. Also Nick finds out that caleb is a powerful demon protecting him.Plus Nick starts to find out more about Daimons and who he is. in the end of the chapter the car is flipped and Bubba, Nick Alex and Caleb are all under attack and in danger.
  • Chapter 17- epilogue (the End) total 464

    Fiction: Adventure -- 416-464 (total 664)
    Nick gets knocked out at the beganning. When he wakes up he's locked in a room with Madaugs youngest brother. Nick finds out he is the Malachai or a demon. A crazy daimon trys to brainwash Nick to get him to turn evil and work for her. He fights back and him and his friends start to win. They beat the zombies and daimon but as Nick starts to get normal a new trouble comes. Read the book to find out more