Important Dates Of Expolrers

By mathura
  • Apr 13, 1008

    Thorfin Karlsefini and 160 other people set sailed to Vinland to establish a settlement.

  • Apr 13, 1008

    Vikings met some of Canada's First Nation people!

  • Jan 1, 1451

    Columbus was born

  • Jan 1, 1492

    Colmbus went to the monarchs

  • Apr 11, 1492

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
  • Apr 11, 1492

    Columbus sailed from Spain with 3 ships named "the Santa Maria".

  • Apr 11, 1497

    John Cabot set sailed on the 40-metre- vessel the "Matthew".

  • Apr 11, 1498

    John set sail with 5 ships to search again for diffrent routes to the riches of the Far East.

  • Apr 11, 1499

    John Cabot died

  • Apr 13, 1499

    Cabot came home saftly to England.

  • Apr 11, 1506

    Coloumbus died.

  • Apr 13, 1534

    Cartier sailed from St. Malo, France with tow sips and a crew of sixty - one men.

  • Apr 13, 1534

    met abd interreacted with the Mi'kwaq and the Iroquois.

  • Apr 13, 1534

    Cartier travelled to North America to look for spices, gold, diamonds, and the passage to the Far East

  • Apr 13, 1535

    Jacques Caritier returned to North America with three ships and 110 men.

  • Apr 13, 1541

    Jaques returned to Canada!!

  • Apr 13, 1557

    Cartier stole away a night and returned to France, Where he lived untill his death. :(

  • king gave Aymar de Chaste and Champlain a monoply over the fur trade.

  • Traveled to St. Lawrence river and found out that the Iroquois were not there.

  • Sailed as far as s the Lachine Rapids near the present site of Montreal.

  • First trid to make a settlement in Acadia on St. Croix Island.

  • Shamlian and other men established a French settlement at Stadacona.

  • guidince of the Algonqins and Huron alies,, He travelled Islands up the Richelue Valley

  • Champlain made his way Far as the west to teh Great Lakes.

  • Archeoligistes uncoverd proof thaat vikings had established a settlement in L'anse aux Medows in North Newfoundland.

  • Viking called Eric the Red was foung guilty of murdering the neighbours.