Imperialism Timeline By: Sarah Scott, Allie Leto, Courtney Winnie, Janet Darghali, Ashley S

  • 1829

    Drug quiune eventually protected Europeans from being infected with the disease.
  • Crimean War

    In 1853 war broke out between Russia and Ottomans. Britain combined with France defeated Russia.
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    May 10, 1857, an outbreak of the Sepoys start rebeling.
  • Britain Taking Command

    The British government finally takes direct command of India in 1858.
  • 1867

    Parliment finally gave the vote to working class men in 1867.
  • Suez Canal

    The Suez Canal opened up in 1869.
  • 1877

    Many Europeans believed that it was their right and duty to bring the results of their progress to other countries. This beleif was supported by Cecil Rhodes in 1877.
  • 1884

    The Maxim gun, the worlds first automatic machine gun was invented.
  • Period: to


    To prevent conflict, fourteen European nations met at the Berlin Confrence to lay down rules for the division of Africa.
  • 1886

    Gold was found.
  • 1887

    The Zulu nation fell to British control.
  • 1890

    The United States begin to colonize in 1890.
  • 1899

    The Boer took arms against the British.
  • Menelik II

    Ethiopia successfully resisted the Europeans thanks to Menelik II. He became emperor of Ethiopia in 1899.
  • Period: to

    The Boer War

    Also known as the South African War between the British and the Boers. Britain won the war in 1910.
  • Discovery Of Oil In Persia

    Around 1900 oil was found in Africa.
  • "Great Game"

    Great Britain and Russia engaged in yet another struggle. The War waged over India.
  • Russia And Britain Take Over Persia

    In 1907 Britain and Russia finally take over Persia.
  • 1921

    Britain formally that its empire would not extend beyond Kihyber Pass, which borders East Afghanistan.
  • 1979

    The Soviet Union signed a nonviolent pact with Afghanistan. The agreement was only honored till 1979.