By Evan E
  • European trade with Africa becomes well established

    In 1850, trade in Africa becomes a big source of income for many countries.
  • East India Trading Company collaspes due to Sepoy Rebellion; British Raj Begins

    The Sepoy Rebelllion, where in Indian soldiers rebelled against their british officers, topples the East India Trading Company. This English government then steps in to control India.
  • The Suez Canal is built

    Wtih funding from both the French and the English, the hundred mile long canal connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.
  • Period: to

    Berlin Conference

    The rulers of Europe are invited to a meeting by King Leopold to divide up Africa.
  • Queen Liliuokalani takes the throne

    As a ruler, she both modernizes and attempts to keep Hawaii independent.
  • Ethiopians beat Itallianes at Battle of Adwa

    This will secure their freedom form Itallian rule for good.
  • Spanish American War

    This conflict between America and Spain had Spain losing both the war and several Islands in the Atlantic.
  • Boer War

    Dutch rebels use guerilla tactics to fight the british. The british implement concentration camps to defeat them.
  • Africa under European control

    Most of Africa has now been settle by the europeans as coloneies. They will start granting colonies their freedom twenty years from now.