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  • Arriving and Departing From New York

    Been in New York for 2 months, living in back alley ways eating a meal around once a day, and still no job openings. People keep saying, “We don’t hire Irish”. Heard from my friend Peter that there might be job openings up in Baltimore. I plan on heading there for the winter.
  • Found Work in Baltimore

    I finally made it to Baltimore and I now have a job in a meat packing factory. The pay is ok and I’ve been able to move into a little project north of the factory. It's nothing fancy, but it’s nice to have a roof over your head and 3 meals a day.
  • Salmonella Outbreak

    After working in the factory for half a year an outbreak of salmonella broke out killing many workers, some close friends. I took that as a sign to move west and used the last 2 gold coins i had from Ireland to buy a wagon, some oxen, and other equipment. In a week I was off and on my way to Oregon.
  • Reached the New Land

    Finally made it to Washington and its beautiful! I’m currently working as miner on the railroad. Its strenuous work and doesn’t pay much. After around 5 years of work, according to the homestead act, I’ll be able to have my land.
  • Injured on the Job

    Injured on the job today while mining a tunnel. A rockslide was followed a "control" explosion trapping many miners and crushing my left leg. Doctor says I’ll be ok but a limp will follow me the rest of my life. It seems i might have to start my farm a little bit earlier than planned.
  • A Farm of My Own

    My wheat farm is now completed and it’s time to enjoy life. I have a beautiful property on the coast with a nice white house to the side. My crops are fully planted right before the rain so they will be healthy.