Immigrant Journey

By A A
  • I was born.

    I was born.
    I was born in Germany, My parents were named Sarah Jane and Gunther Kruger. My name is Alexandra Kruger. When I was 10 years old, my parents were killed. We went to the market and they put a "will work for food" sigh on my neck, and tried to walk away. Not knwoing what was going on, I stayed where I was. I also did not like my father, so I tripped him as they were escaping. He fell into my mother, and they both tumbled out into the road. A stampede of cows thundered by, trampling them both.
  • AMERICA!!!!

    10 years after my parents died, I went to America! After 40 days on a ship, crammed together with many other Germans, I was ready to get off. First though, I had to go through all the security they had set up. Hundreds of others were going through the check points, so I followed. They searched through my small suitcase, and helped me change my money into American currency. I walked around the New York streets for a while and came upon an abondoned warehouse.I would have to stay here.
  • The Statue of Liberty

    The Statue of Liberty
    As I was walking along the streets of New York, I looked back, seeing the Stature of Liberty. It had ben built fou years prior to my visit. I wished that I could have come in 1886 to see it. I forgot to tell you that I am simply making this to tell everyone about my trip to America, and what I did here.
  • Andrew Carnegie- Steel Factory

    Andrew Carnegie- Steel Factory
    I had been living off the money I had brought from Germany. It was running low though, and I needed a job. I walked around the city, and came across a steel factory. I went inside to look for a job, and got one. Unfortnatly, the manager was a fat man with horrid breath, who treated women like rubbish. Oh well. Andrew Carnegie owned the company, and I heard it was very prosperous.
  • The Slums, and my first crime

    The Slums, and my first crime
    I had been working in the steel factory for 5 long years now, and my anger has gotten the better of me. I do not know why I decided to do it then, but I walked in one day, and shot the fat man. I had never been rude to him, and he was not expecting it. I ran out the back of teh factory after I had done it, and ran to the slums of the city to throw off anyone who might be close by. The slums were horrible. It smelled of death and decay, and the streets were lined with animal and human waste.
  • Mug Shot

    Mug Shot
    i was still in teh slums, hiding. I saw a large man who looked as if he might have a large sum of money on him. I did not know if I could pull off pick- poceting, but I had to give it a shot. I neeed money. I casually walked past the man, and bumped into him, swiping his wallet. He realized what I did, and I started to run, but to no anvil. The Pinkeron Police that were close by caugth me, and took me in for a mug shot. I would have a harder time of not getting noticed, but it would not stop me.
  • Master of the Art

    Master of the Art
    I was now a master criminal. A lot has bee going on since I wrote last. I have robbed 6 banks, and killed around 4 people in total. I am also getting married! I met him when I was robbing a bank. He was the only one not covering their head. Turns out, he was robbing it too! I went into the slums again today jus to see if it was the same. A heard of people in white suits were sweeping the streets, with a man on a horse at the front. I smiled. At least someone cared.
  • Leaving America

    Leaving America
    Although I loved America, and I did not mind it here, I had to go. Fritz (my fiance) and I were too well known, and had quite a bit of crimes to live up too. After talking it over, we decided to move to Paris. We caught a ship there. Fritz wanted to wait a few years, and ride the Titanic, but I knew we had to leave immediatly. Goodbye America.
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