ICT Yr 11 Coursework Timeline

By lutam41
  • Design work

    During this period of time, i will be desighning the website that i will be using for advertise my clients company. On a website maker called "Wix" this allows me to design and create my very own unique website for my client Liza.
  • Making/Implementations

    I'll start the making of the website by addiing more detaild and videos and pictures each to each page of my site. And at this stage i should be finished with desighning my website layout.
  • Mocks Exams

    May not be able to do this for the next two weeks due to mocks exams but if there is spare time i shall continue working on it. Because ICT has no exams.
  • Making of advertising video

    I'll be using photos to put together a video to advertise their products in Liza's company and the company image itself.
  • Testing (With client Liza)

    I will be testing the website with my client and look for improvements and changes if Liza doesn't like it.
  • Modifications

    Any improvements and idea's Liza and i think of will be changed in between this period of time.
  • Final Evaluation

    I'll be evaluating my work and my client could also evalute my work aswell and give me some comments in how well or average i did this piece of work for her.
  • Due Date!!!

    Hand in my final piece of work