2010 car

I am Kaila

By casolyn
  • Birthday

    1st Birthday
  • 1st Haloween

    1st Haloween
    Dressed as a cat
  • Pre School

    Pre School
    2nd year of pre school at jack and jill
  • Kaila's 5th Birthday

    Kaila's 5th Birthday
    Dropped my face in a cake
  • Ten years old

    Ten years old
    Tripped over a tree branch and face planted
  • Mom died

    Mom died
    Lost her battle to cancer
  • Started Racing

    Started Racing
    started in a jr that was blue and yellow
  • Got my first car

    Got my first car
    first car but red
  • Sitting at school

    Sitting at school
    While being sick
  • 2011 Season Starts

    2011 Season Starts
    Drag Racing
  • Going to Colorado

    Going to Colorado
    Denver confrence finals
  • 16 Birthday

    16 Birthday
    Party and driving around(:
  • Drag One of these muscle cars

    Drag One of these muscle cars
    My dream race car
  • Graduation

    turn 17 and graduate with a very good year
  • Graduate college

    Graduate college
    Graduate from accounting
  • start working

    start working
    Work at a high top building for accounting
  • Hawii

    Family Trip 2017
  • Married

    Married after being together for 2 1/2 years.
  • Have Twins

    Have Twins
    Bella and Nathaniel born around 7 pounds 6 ounces.
  • 50th Birthday

    50th Birthday
    turned fifty and partied.