Humanities 7 section 4 Peter Do

  • Lifetime of Lucy

    Australopithecus Afarensis lived 4 million years ago
    Biped hands, omnivore diet
    one of the first early humans discovered
  • Homo Habilis

    Lived 2 million B.C.E.
    Biped hands, omnivore diet, tools, bigger brain,
  • Homo Erectus

    Lived 1.8 B.CE.
    Biped hands, omnivore diet, tools, Bigger brain, fire, walk up straight.
  • Homo sapiens neanderthalensis

    Lived 500,000 B.C.E
    Biped hands, omnivore diet, better tools,bigger brain, fire, community, beliet, stronger.
  • Homo sapiens sapiens

    Lived: Believed to be modern Humans
    Biped hands, omnivore diet, better tools, Bigger brain, community, belief, strong, larger height, agriculture symbols, language
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    Approx: 2900 BCE
    Sumer;3500-2300 BCE. Lasted for 1200 years. It was ruled by monarchy.The king collected taxes, built temples, led army, and delegated.The social structure is the priest, land owners,governer, officals,tax collecters were top.Farmers,fishers,merchants,craftsmen were middle.Slaves were bottom.The religion was polythesim ,built temples,statues,and believe gods lived in ziggurats.Made wheel,arch.Irrigate.In mesopotamia. surround by desert, mountains,seas.
  • The epic of Gilgamesh

    exact date unknown. Best copy discovered in 7th century BCE royal library.Gilgamesh is about a king half god and manwho gets in trouble with the gods for misbehaving and was made a twin to have as a friend named Enkidu.He and Enkidu went and had many adventures.When Enkidu died,Gilgamesh ran away to look for immortality.He eventually finds that his kingdom and he will live forever in the hearts of people.
  • Abraham

    lived approx:1900 BCE. Abraham originated in Ur, he was to old to have children.Why he is so important is because when God said to him to move to Canaan, he did and God said he would have many decendants and he would be a patriach,and he would also have a son named Isaac.When God said to kill his son Isaac he obeyed,but he was about to kill Issac God said he didn't have to kill him.Today he is the founder of Christianity.
  • Hammurabi's code

    1792-1750 BCE Hammurabi was a king in Babylon. Nothing was recorded of him of his childhood. When he became king in !792 BCE, his kingdom was fighting rival countries.He defeated them one by one.He also improved irrigation systems ,farming, and canals.He expanded Babylonia to less than 50 miles in radius at the end of his 42 reign.He made the laws to give equality to everyone.
  • Joeseph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    Approx:1700-1280.Joeseph was the grandson of Isaac,and son of Jacob.Jacob had 12 sons,but Joseph was his most favorite..His brothers envied Joseph so they chose to sell him into slavevery.Joseph ended up to be a slave in Egypt.God gave Joseph to interpret dreams.When the pharoah had two mysterious dreams,he chose Joseph to interpret them.When he did the pharoah was so pleased with Joseph that he made him in charge of the supply of food during the years of famine(one of the dreams of pharoah).
  • Moses,the Exodus form Egypt,and the Ten commandments

    Approx:1280-1240.Moses was the leader of the Israelites after being enslave by the pharoah.He lead the Israelites out of slavery by the 10 plagues.The Jewish celebrate this as the Passover when one of the plagues was when the first born son dies but theirsons were spared.The Exodus was a book that explains the journey out of Egypt.the ten commandments were laws that God gave to the Israelites to follow at Mt.Sinai.
  • The time of the Judges/The time before Kings

    appox:middle 13 century-11 century. One judge was Deborah.She had to tell people right from wrong and had to dealt with crimes.Tells Barrack to go to war and she comes along with him for the price is the general on the opposite side gets killed by a woman.After the war there was 40 years of peace.A woman that was not a judge but before the time was Ruth,she was well known when she decided to stay with her step mom and cared for her,and anscester of one of the kings.
  • The time of David

    approx:1013-973 BCE .King David was one of the kings in Israel after king Saul.He is so important because at a young age he defeated one of the greatest threat of Israel: Golieth, with only sticks,stones, and a sling shot.After he killed the giant, he was so popular that king Saul planned to kill him.He had to hide till King Saul died.When he did become king, he united the kingdom of Israel and had a son named Solomon that became king.Solomon was wise and also improved the kingdom.
  • Elijah

    approx:875-853. Elijah was a prophet. When he went to Israel and found that there was a drought.He noticed that the drought is from the worsipping of a false god"Baal" by king Ahab and queen Jezebel.He tried to convince them to follow God but they didn't follow.He tried to prove them to believe in God by sacrifice bulls and burning them.The priest of Baal prayed,danced,sang,etc but nothing happen.When it was Ellijah's turn the bull started to burn.Elijah did not die but got in chariot to heaven.
  • Siege of Lachish

    701 BCE
    The Lachish Reliefs article is a stone carving that is 8 feet talland is about a story of a siege between Lachish and Assyria. According to the Bible, the war was created because king Hezekiah of Judah would not pay tribute to king Sennocherib of Assyria. After Hezekiah gave trbute to Sennacherib, Sennachrib took loot from Lachish.
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    587 BCE
    Judah kept attacking Babylonia so Nevacanezer had to attack Judah.After Babylonia had won, they looted Judah and desroyed the city and exiled the people. Judah attacked babylonia multiple times.
  • Indus Valley Civilizations

    2000 BCE. The Indus were agricultural people, water is sacred to them. ALos called the Dravidians. They found cleanliness or ritual baths is important, in 1922, MohenjoDaro, one of Indus major cities contained huge water tanks for public baths. statues of pregnant women represent fertility and strength 'mother goddess''. bull=shiva, virility or sexually force. the Aryans invaid INdus Valley 1700BCE=both beliefs merge into one. Harappa 1921 we see many practices and beliefs shape HInduism.
  • The Aryans Invaision and the Vedas

    1700BCE Aryans invaid in 1700BCE. travel through Europe and Asia and conquering them. NOT agricultural,craft bronze weapons worship only male gods. when invaid Indus Valley both religions mx into Hinduism. THe Vedas considered worlds oldest writings. 4 scriptures:Rig-Veda,Yajur Veda,Sama-Veda,Atharva-Veda. The Rig veda is colletion of hymns from 5000BCE is one of most popular and oldest. USE to be oral, but then into Sanskrit.: sacred writing of HIndu language. The Rig Veda tells of 33 gods.
  • The Ascetics and the Upanishads

    700-500BCE. 7th Cen. the Indus &Aryans migrate to Gandes River. Aryans represented elite: Brahmins. These priests show order or caste system, shape Hindu soc. People began question Brahmins because they exclude lowerclass form rituals. Ascetic began. Ascetic was a person in spiritual auusterity,self discipline.not follow social system or priest. The Upanishads contain dialogues of a guru: spirtual leader. welcome and ispire anyone not just of caste or status. fire rituals for inner self. atman