Humanities 7

  • Lifetime of Lucy

    Lived 4 million years ago. Is biped, is able to protect hef children, is a scavenger, and is a omnivor
  • Homo Habilis

    Lived about 2 million years ago, is biped, has bigger brain than Lucy, traveled, made tools, and was an omnivor.
  • Homo erectis

    Lived 1.8 million years ago, was biped, taller/bigger,omnivors, hunters, and started gaining control of fire.
  • Neanderthalensis

    Lived apr. 500,000 years ago, is biped, had bigger brains, omnivors, started controling medicin,made tools, control of fire, and started having funerals for family that have died.
  • Homo sapiens sapiens

    Modern humans, biped,omnivors, control of fire, control of medicine, created tools, traveled, had funerals for family that have past away, and have the same size brain of us.
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    Approx. 2900 BCE. Sumer was located in Mesopotamia East.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh

    Exact date of writing unknown; best copies discovered in a 7th century BCE royal library. The Epic of Gilgamesh is about a Mesopotamian king, gods and goddesses, great fights, and many different nasty beasts. This story is important because it shows how communities in sumer lived.
  • Abraham

    Approx. 1900 BCE. Abraham lived in Ur, a city in Mesopotamia. Abraham went from Ur to jerusalem and to many different places to talk with God.
  • Hammurabi's Code

    1792-1750 BCE. Hammurabi's code was just based on the debate in class. Hammurabi is a king above Gilgamesh and he created the code to keep everyone in sumer in line.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    Approx. 1700-1280 BCE. joseph is the son of Jacob who was sold into slavery by his brothers and his slave owner carried him to Egypt. HE became the prime minister and Joseph moved all of the Israelites to Egypt.
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    Approx. 1280-1240 BCE. The Exodus is one of the most important Jewish holidays. The Exodus is remembered as Easter or Passover. The Tn Commandments are basically laws to tell the people what not to.
  • The Time of The Judges/The Time before Kings

    Appr. the middle of the 13th century to the middle of the 11th century BCE. Deborah was the only female judge of Israel who lived to 3000 years old. Her resposibility as a judge was to protect men and women. She is most famous for being the only female judge and winning the victory of the battle. Ruth was the daughter of Naomi. Some obstacles in her life were traveling long distances int he desert.
  • The Reign of David

    Approx. 1013-973 BCE. David was the youngest son of Jesse and was born in Bethlehean in the tribe of judah. He became a king by defeating Ishbosheth the son of saul, who was King of the northern tribes ofIrael and then united all the tribes and became King. While he was king he moved the capitol to Jerusalem, and brought the sacred Ark of the Covernant.
  • Elijah

    Approx. 875-853 BCE. Elijah was a prophet. His responsibilities as a prophet were to do what God asks.
  • Siege of Lachish

    701 B.C.E. Is now known as the Middle East. About 25 miles south-west of Jurusalem. The reliefes show the misary of war.
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    587 B.C.E. Poeple there like to fight against opponents who are stronger than them. Judah twice chose to antagonize Nebuchadnezzar. Had lots of exhile. Had many wars. Got destroyed.