Humanities 7

  • Lifetime of Lucy

    4 million years ago
    Australopithecus Afarensis
    Same teeth
    Walk up right
  • Homo Habilis

    Bigger Brains
    2 million years ago
    Makes tools
    Walk up right
    Same teeth
  • Homo Erectics

    1.8 million years ago
    He made fire
    Made tools
    Walk up right
    Same teeth
    Bigger brains
  • Neatherthanlensis

    Less than 500,000 years ago
    Bury their dead
    Same teeth
    Bigger brains
    Sense of community and love
    Makes tools and fire
  • Homo Sapiens Sapiens

    Modern Humans
    Bury their dead
    Walk up right
    Symbols for communitcation
    Has agriculture
    Less Travel
    Use fire and tools
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    -Apporx. 2900 BCE
    -Sumer is located in Mesopotamia is the western side of Asia
    -Sumer was surrounded by water from the two rivers and mountains
    -They chose their leader by asking the gods since they all are polytheists.
  • Epic of Gilgamesh

    -Exact date of writing unknown; best copies discovered in a 7th century BCE royal library
    -Gilgamesh is a story based on a sumerian leader who is half man and half god. He travels with his "brother" Enkidu to find treasures until Enkidu dies and Gilgamesh is afraid he is next. He goes to Utnapishtim for half to be immortal, he fails on his journey to get the flower which wont make you live forever, but makes you look young until death.
    -Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought humbaba and the bull of heaven.
  • Abraham

    -Approx. 1900BCE
    -Abraham is the man who had Isaac. Issac then created isrealites.
    -Abraham lived in Ur.
    -He travelled from Ur to Babylon to Jerusalem.
    -He is very loyal to his god.
  • Hammurabi's code

    -Hammurabi's code was made to protect the widows and orphans.
    -Hammurabi's a leader who made over 200 rules which where considered the greatest rules. He was "picked" by the gods from the heavens.
    -Hammurabi lived in Babylonia.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    -Approx. 1700-1280 BCE
    -Joseph was in Thebes.
    -Joseph is Jacob's favorite son of all.
    -He is successful at interpteing dreams.
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    -Approx. 1280-1240 BCE
    -Moses was put in a basket and was drifting down the river until the Pharaoh's daughter took him in.
    -He was drifting down the Nile River.
    -He is a male jewish baby that didn't get killed by the Pharoah.
    -He talked to god and is considered a prophet.
  • The Time of the Judges/The Time Before Kings

    -Approx. The middles of the 13th century to the middle of the 11th century BCE
    -Deborah was a woman who would help everyone in her village.
    -She had to go to war even though it was very randomly pick, she won.
    -She brought peace to the kingdom.
    -A woman named Ruth had no where to sleep and nothing to eat so she had to glean. (Pick up scraps of food from the floor)
    -A very wealthy man came by Ruth and asked for her hand in marriage.
  • The Reign of David

    -Approx. 1013-973 BCE
    -He was a very powerful man.
    -He became king by his relative dying and himself stepping up to the throne.
    -He is important by him killing a very evil threat.
    -An obstacle is that his relative was trying to kill him so he had to go into hiding.
  • Elijah

    -Approx. 875-853 BCE
    -Was considered a phrophet.
    -He lived in famine but god told him that ravens would bring him food and it was true.
    -He told and showed the people who didnt believe god that he is real and much more strong than any other god.
  • Siege of Lachish

    -Approx. 701 BCE
    -Anyone who didnt serve the Lord would be killed.
    -It is now Iraq and strecthed all the way to Egypt.
    -There were many people who lived in there and many of them died due to the war that occurred.
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    -Approx. 587 BCE
    -The warriors would killed and take all the gold and money from the people and houses.
    -Anyone who rebelled against the King would be exiled.
    -Many people were exiled to many places
  • Indus Valley Civilizations

    -2000 BCE
    -Located on the Indus Valley near the Indus River.
    -It is one of the largest known ancient civilizations.
    -They lived near water so they had fish and water.
  • The Aryan Invasion and the Vedas

    -1700 BCE
    -Invaded the Indus Valley Civilization.
    -The Aryans brought with tthem old writing of Veda.
    -The Aryans were a powerful race of people.
  • The Ascetics and the Upanishads

    -700-500 BCE
    -Migrated all over India. They settled down in the Ganges River.
    -The Ascetics were pure hearted and religous people.
    -The Upanishads were stories made from the Ascetics and contain mostly dialouge from a guru.