Holy Roman Empire

  • Jan 15, 1075

    Pope Gregory VII bans Lay Investiture

    Pope Gregory VII bans lay investiture, which is when a noble or king appoints religious officials. The two of the groups are constantly fighting over the dominant power when really they are equal. That is why Pope Gregory VII bans the king and lord from being the higher power and deciding religious officials.
  • Period: Jan 15, 1075 to Jan 15, 1077

    Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII have a disagreemement

    The Pope Gregory and Emperor Henry IV get into an argument and Henyr IV asks Pope Gregory to step down. Pope Gregory then excommunicates Henry IV and Henry IV travels to ask for the Pope's forgiveness, which he does after making Henry wait for 3 days, yet there is forever tension between the two.
  • Jan 1, 1100

    Holy Roman Empire becomes weaker

    Until this time the Holy Roman Empire was the strongest state in Europe. It was originally called The Roman Empire of the German Nation but, later became known as The Holy Roman Empire, it was both Italian and German. It was founded byOtto the Emperor.
  • Jan 15, 1100

    The 12 states of the Holy Roman Empire by 1100

    Saxony Burgundy
    Franconia Lombardy
    Bohemia Corinthia
    Frisland Tuscany
    Lorraine Spoleto
    Swabia Bavaria
  • Jan 1, 1122

    Concordat of Worms

    The Emperor and the Church's represntatives discuss the Lay Investitire issure in the city of Worms. They came to decide that the church alone would appoint the bishops and the emperor can vito it.
  • Jan 15, 1152

    Fredric I comes to rule

    He was the first emperor to call the empire the Holy Roman Empire. He was able to gain control over the states but, when he left they would start fighting amongst themselves.
  • Jan 15, 1176

    Battle of Legnano

    The foot soldiers of the Lombard League VS. Fredric's Army. The Lombard League is the Pope and the italian merchants in an alliance against Fredric. The Lombard Legaue ends up winning in an astonishing victory against Fredric. Fredric tries to make peace with the Pope and returns home.Now, he has conflicts with the German Princes.
  • Jan 1, 1190

    The Holy Roman Empire Falls

    Fredric drowns and his empire falls to pieces, Fredric II tries to regain the empire but, fails dur to turmoil with the Pope. The Holy Roman Empire falls, this is why the feudal system didn't work in Germany. Nobody can have the relationship with the church like Charlamegne did.
  • Charlamegne is crowned

    crowned by Pope Leo III, Little did he know that Charlemegne would set the stage for conflicts between popes and emperorfor centuries to come.
  • Otto is crowned king

    He is considered the most effective ruler of medieval Germany. Otto later makes an alliance with the church and becomes the founder of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Otto is crowned emperor

    While king Otto he sought help from the clergy, he had aproval of bishops, heads of manasteries and abbots, he dominated the church in Germany, used hispower to destroy German kings and on the Pope's behalf,invaded Italy. The Roman Empire of the German nation, The Holy Roman Empire,is born!