Hold the Canon [lenses]

  • Period: to

    Saving Time Period

  • paycheck

    Almost every week, by Friday I have earned at least $50 for being a nanny Tuesday through Friday. I want to save my money to buy a $235 camera lense before the end of May.
  • Gas

    I drive a truck that eats gas, getting almost 13 miles to the gallon in a 21 gallon tank. If I drive efficiently with no extra trips, I can make the tank last about ten days. So every ten days I will spend at least $35 dollars.* *assuming gas stays at >$2.50
  • Spending Money

    Spending Money
    To be frugal in order to buy my lense, I will only spend $20 per month on fun things. Fun things like going to dinner or buying clothes will count in this budget.
  • monthly income

    monthly income
    By March 6, before paying for anything, I will have earned at least $200. I will spend at least $105 on gas alone. If I only spend my money on gas and the $20 on free spending, I will have an income of $75.
  • Two Month's Savings

    Two Month's Savings
    If I continue only getting gas every ten days and only spending $20 otherwise, I will have $150 saved up.
  • Three Month Savings

    Three Month Savings
    If I continue on my budget, I will have $225 saved up, only $10 away from my $235 goal.
  • GOAL

    I now have $275 in my wallet- enough money to buy my Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM!