History Timeline(jason sebbag)

  • Oct 10, 1400

    First Occupants

    The first occupants have to do with economy and developement. This land was used for alot. The Iroquois used it for agriculture and the Algonkians hunted on this land. Due to the fact that both of these tribes used the same land it cause many conflicts between the two tribes. Ones the french found this land they have been taken into the disputes and eventually they have came close with and decided to help the Algonkians for various reasons
  • Oct 10, 1400

    Port Royal

    Port Royal has to do with population and settlement. It was a failed voyage where the king sent people, Samuel De Champlain, which was one of them and the king sent them to Nova Scotia to settle. It was failed due to the fact that they could not survive the very harsh winter's in Nova Scotia
  • Fur Trade Centered Economy

    (economy and developement) During the French Regime, 1608-1760, New France’s economy was based on the Fur Trade; Mercantilist policies were set where the sole purpose was to export resources (furs) to France;
  • (population and settlement) Maisonneuve establishes Montreal to try to convert the natives. It is deep in the Iroquois territory so it is a great spot to convert the natives. It is called Ville-Marie at the time.

    (population and settlement) Maisonneuve establishes Montreal to try to convert the natives. It is deep in the Iroquois territory so it is a great spot to convert the natives. They conversion was a sucess and they added more catholiques in their religion
  • First Intendant(Jean Talon)

    (economy and devolopement) In 1663 Jean Talon being the first intendent. His first objective is to populate the colony. He went through numerous ways to populate and in the end it all worked. One key thing that he did was bring women to the colony so that the men and women can have kids
  • Royal Governement under Louis XIV

    Official Power and counter power) After suffering from an extremely low population.The king has decided to end the monopoly company and has the minister of marine
  • Religion in New France

    (culture and currents of thought) The Clergy was everywhere. The priest are in charge of parishes, they are working as missionaries. Nuns were also working in hospitals and in schools. This was the peak of religion. The church would be a "hangout" where everybody sees eachother. At this point of time religion wasnt just a label, it was a way of life
  • Conquest Of New France

    Four colonial wars took place in Europe. In North America there had been an extremely famous warcalled the seven year war which of cours lasted seven years. That war ended in 1759. The Articles of Capulation are set until the treaty of Paris.
  • Articles Of Capulation

    (population and settlement)The French Militia can go home and they will not lose their land. The regular French Army has to lay down their arms and go back to France. The people who stayed became British Subjects. The french did not like it
  • Royal Proclamation

    (official power and counter power) The purpose of the proclamation was to organize Great Britain's new North American empire and to stabilize relations with native north americans.
  • Quebec act

    (official power and counter power)British statute establishing Quebec's government and extending its borders. It provided for a governor and appointed council, religious freedom for Roman Catholics, and use of the French civil code. The act attempted to resolve the problem of making the colony a province of British North America and tried to build French-Canadian loyalty to the British.
  • Americation Revolution

    (power and counter power) In 1783 The American Revolution ends with the British signing the Treaty of Paris. This defeat encourged the British Loyalists to settle in Quebec. The British Loyalists who are used to English Civil Laws and elected assemblies, were extremely unhappy with the political system in Quebec, there was a petition Britain for change in the political system in the Province of Quebec.