history of the church

  • 220

    The Apologists

    -Defenders of the faith
    -Justin Marytr
  • 305

    The third century

    -Associated with the Roman Empire
  • 476

    Imperial Church

    -Associated with the Roman empire
    - Constantine
    - Theodosius
  • Feb 6, 999

    Early middle ages

  • Feb 7, 1299

    the high middle ages

    -The First Crusade fought for lofty ideals
    -Two of Waldo's followers (called Waldensians) are laughed out of the Third Lateran Council after being tricked into saying that Mary was the mother of Christ.
    -Fourth Lateran Council requires annual communion for Christian burial.
  • Feb 7, 1499

    The late middle ages

    -The Black Death. 1/3 of the population from India to Iceland is wiped out, including about 1/2 of Britain
    -Beginning of the Hundred Years' War
    -The Catholic Church burned the bones of Wycliffe and threw them in the Swift river
  • The reformation

    -Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Knox
    -Luther is ordained as a priest at Erfurt
    -Henry VIII becomes King of England
    -Leo X becomes Pope
    -Parliament approves the Scot's Confession
  • The puritans

    -Richard Baxter, John Owen, Blaise Pascal, John Bunyan, and The Westminster Assembly
    -the most influential English translation of the Bible
    -Charles I becomes King. He too is against the Puritans
  • The great awakening

    -Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Moravians, Methodists, William Wilberforce, and Charles Hodge
    - George Whitefield joins Edwards
    -Brown founded by Baptists
  • The second great awakening

    -Harvard having been lost to Unitarianism, Andover Seminary is founded
    -Princeton Seminary, Abraham Kuyper, D.L. Moody, John Henry Newman, B.B.Warfield, and C.H.Spurgeon
    -Princeton Seminary founded
  • Modern period

    -The twentieth century had more Christian martyrs than all the other centuries combined.
    -The God Who is There by Francis Schaeffer
    -Doctrine of the Assumption of Mary
    -Machen and others found Westminster Seminary after Princeton is lost to the liberals
  • Apostolic period