• Period: 500 to


  • 527

    Justinian I

    Justinian I was the son of an Illyrian peasent that officially assumed the throne in 527. Though it is said that he may have already been in power during the rule of his uncle
  • 532

    The Nika revolt

    The Nika revolt is a riot that is cause by justinian killing the leaders of each teams chaiot members (blue and green). The riot leads to the burning of churches and builds and leads to the deaths of nearly 30,000 people
  • 533

    Western Conquests

    In 533 the western conquests begin, starting with justinians order to have North Africa taken back. This then leads to the victory of North Africa for the western provineces
  • 534


    Justinians Codex is finished. This is made up of various laws and amendments
  • 561

    Khosrau I

    50 year long truce between pera andthe empire is signed.
  • Apr 1, 602

    Death of an Emperor

    Byzantine emperor Maurice is killed in an unheavel by the Byzantine people.
  • Apr 1, 622


    In 622 emperor Heraclius starts was against the persians to slowly regain its stregh
  • Apr 1, 726

    New Reign

    Gold Image of Jesus Christ is ordered to be destroyed by Leo III . Which then leads to Iconoclastic Controversy
  • Apr 1, 730

    Drastic Actions

    Leo orders possesions of icons to be illegal
  • Apr 1, 1064


    The Seljuk Turks invade Armenia
  • Apr 1, 1071


    Seljuks win victory at Manzikert. Making them the source of main power between Christianity and Islam
  • Apr 1, 1095


    Ambassadors from Constantinople appeal to assembly to have christian ssoilders help the Byzantine emperor against the Turks
  • Apr 1, 1097


    Crusading groups head to Anatolia to take back the land stole from the Turks
  • Apr 1, 1182


    Constantinople people commit a massacre of the Latins people.
  • Apr 1, 1453

    The Fall

    Mehmed II organised the fall of Constantinople. This left the Ottoman Empire is power of the now destroyed Byzantine empire.