• Period: 100 to 300

    Classical Antiquity

  • Period: 100 to

    Pax Romana

  • Period: 500 to May 15, 1500

    Middle Ages

  • May 15, 625

    The Bible

    Famous book that we follow, its the word of God.
  • Period: May 15, 1095 to May 15, 1291


  • Period: May 16, 1206 to May 16, 1368

    The Mongol Empire

    The Mongol Empire lasted for 162 years and still around today.
  • Period: May 16, 1299 to

    The Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and longest lasting empires in history.
  • Period: May 15, 1400 to


  • Period: May 15, 1492 to

    Age of European Exploration

  • Period: May 16, 1492 to

    The Spanish Empire

    One of the first worldwide empire and is one of the most powerful economically and political empire.
  • Period: May 15, 1517 to


  • Period: May 16, 1534 to

    The French Empire

    second largest empire in the world. ts influence made French one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world for a time, and brought French architecture, culture, and cuisine to the four corners of the globe.
  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet is a famous play by Shakephere and is still read about to this day.
  • Period: to

    Age of Enlightenment

  • Period: to

    The British Empire

    Lasted only 400 years and took over one fourth of the earths surface area.
  • Boston Puritans

    Boston Puritans
    Founded by Wayward
  • Period: to

    Quing Dynasty

  • Detroit

    Founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
  • Period: to

    7 Years war

  • Period: to

    American Revolutionary War

  • The Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence
    A document declaring the US to be independent of the British Crown, signed on July 4, 1776, by the congressional representatives
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles
    Founded by Felipe De Neve
  • Period: to

    French Revolutionary War

  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars

  • When the first printing press was invented

    When the first printing press was invented
    This was a brand new thing and everybody wanted one, it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.
  • When the train was first invented

    When the train was first invented
  • Phoenix

    Founded by John W Swilling
  • Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas
    Founded by Travis Country
  • Emancipation Proclaimation

    This document freed the slaves in states that was still under slave rule.
  • Invention of Automobile

    Invention of Automobile
    Henry Ford invented the first car in 1863 and it has evolve alot.
  • Telephone

    The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and made the first telephone company.
  • When the airplane was invented

    When the airplane was invented
    The airplane was invented by Richard Pearse.
  • First Battle of the Marne

    First Battle of the Marne
    if the Germans had won, the war would have ended in 1914
  • First Battle of Ypres

    First Battle of Ypres
    blocked the Germans from reaching the Channel
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    until today a symbol of the inhumanity of war
  • Battle of the Somme

    Battle of the Somme
    in Britain considered as 'the' battle of the war
  • Hundred Days Offensive

    Hundred Days Offensive
    final allied offence in the West.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    One of the peace treaties at the end of World War 1
  • Period: to

    Chinese Civil War: Nationalist vs. Communist

  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Depression was the biggest stock market crash.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

  • Period: to

    Cold War Era

  • Period: to


    Holocaust is the worst even in my perspective; Jews, Disaables, and gays were killed because they were deemed unworthy to live.
  • Assasination of John F. Kennidy

    Assasination of John F. Kennidy
    John F. Kennidy was assassinated by a man named Oswald.
  • Period: to

    Persian Gulf War

  • 9/11

    9/11 was a attack on the twin towers. millions were killed.
  • Obama being president

    Obama being president
    Obama is the first black president to be nominated in the United Sttes.