HIS 110

  • 10,000 BCE

    Neolithic Revolution

    Neolithic Revolution
    What was the Neolithic Revolution? - It basically started agriculture, and made everybody start farming.
  • 4500 BCE

    Sumerian Civilization

    Sumerian Civilization
    What is Sumerian civilization known for? - They are the first civilization and they innovated language and many other things.
  • Period: 3150 BCE to 323 BCE

    Ancient Egypt

    What is Ancient Egypt known for? - They are known for the pyramids, and the fact that they flourished for many years with the Nile River.
  • Period: 2000 BCE to 1600 BCE

    Old Babylonian Period

    They had the first number system, and many advancements in math and agriculture.
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 1150 BCE

    Bronze Age Collapse

    What is a civilization collapse? A civilization collapse is when a civilization completely fails to continue, and everything and everyone dies.
  • Period: 1150 BCE to 587 BCE

    Ancient Israel

    What did the Ancient Hebrews believe about the world? - They believe in one transcendent god.
  • Period: 1100 BCE to 200 BCE

    The Phoenician Golden Age

    Who were they and what were they known for? - They were known for their innovative trade routes.
  • Period: 1066 BCE to 1066 BCE

    The norman conquest

    The norman conquest changed many things in england, including the anglo-saxons and architecture.
  • Period: 911 BCE to 609 BCE

    The Neo-Assyrian Empire

    Why was this empire important? They were important because of their strong military power and their technological advancements.
  • Period: 814 BCE to 146 BCE

    Ancient Carthage

    What are Carthaginians known for? - They are known for having many settlements and trade routes.
  • 701 BCE

    The Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem

    In 701 BC, the Assyrian emperor Sennacherib besieged the city of Jerusalem.
  • Period: 626 BCE to 539 BCE

    Neo Babylonian period

    Who were they and what were they known for? - They were known for their advanced architecture and mathematics skills.
  • Period: 599 BCE to 100 BCE

    Spartan Oligarchy

    What was an oligarchy and how was Sparta one? An oligarchy is a place that is governed by a small group of people. Sparta had a small group of people as a government.
  • Period: 560 BCE to 480 BCE

    The Siddhartha Gautama

    It was founded in the late 6th century BCE by Guatama. It is important in most countries in Asia
  • Period: 550 BCE to 330 BCE

    The Persian Empire

    What was the empire known for? - They made many roads and established communication between multiple countries.
  • Period: 508 BCE to 322 BCE

    Athenian Democracy

    How is a democracy different from a republic, and what were some rights they had under their democracy? A republic is when you vote for a political leader and a democracy is when you directly vote for the laws you want.
  • Period: 480 BCE to 480 BCE

    The battle of thermopylae

    What was this battle known for today? - The battle was known because the Persians won even though they were outnumbered.
  • Period: 431 BCE to 405 BCE

    Peloponnesian War

    Who fought and who won? - It was Athens vs Spartans. Spartans won.
  • Period: 400 BCE to 461

    The celts

    Descibe who the celts were. - The Celts were the ancient Irish people who were very brutal and had a strong army. They were the biggest group in Central Europe.
  • Period: 336 BCE to 323 BCE

    Conquests of Alexander The Great

    What is he famous for? - He is famous for conquering an extremely large amount of land, and leading a very strong army.
  • Period: 322 BCE to 185 BCE

    The Mauryan Empire

    They were the largest empire of ancient India, and they were in control of most of India's land.
  • Period: 320 BCE to 543 BCE

    The gupta empire

    They are the 4th largest empire to rule India, they were regarded as the golden age of india, they invented decimals, and they had very good art.
  • Period: 305 BCE to 30 BCE

    The Ptolemaic Empire

    How did the Ptolemaic Dynasty begin and what was its capital city of Alexandria famous for? The dynasty was made by king Ptolemy, and the capital was known for its great library.
  • Period: 300 BCE to 900

    Mayan Civilization

    What were they known for? - They were known for their amazing astronomy skills and that they made the calendar.
  • Period: 221 BCE to 206 BCE

    Qin Dynasty

    What were they known for? - They were known because they brought china together and made the great wall, and terracotta warriors.
  • Period: 202 BCE to 220 BCE

    Han dynasty

    What were they known for? - They were known for their long reign and many inventions, including paper.
  • Period: 167 BCE to 160 BCE

    The maccabean revolt

    Explain the causes and results of the revolt, as well as who is rebelling against whom. - The Jews are rebelling against the Seleucid Empire. They wanted more freedom and they got it.
  • Period: 134 BCE to 44 BCE

    The crisis of the roman republic

    What was the crisis and what happened to the republic in the end? This was a period of time where there was political and social problems. The republic regained some control for the time.
  • Period: 130 BCE to 1453 BCE

    The silk road

    The silk road was a network of trade routes connecting the east and the west.
  • Period: 69 BCE to 30 BCE


    What was she famous for? She is famous for being the queen of Egypt and her relationships with Julius and Mark.
  • Period: 63 BCE to 14

    Augustus Caesar

    What was he known for and what was the Pax Romana? Augustus was the most successful roman leader. Pax Romana was the time where Rome experienced complete peace.
  • Period: 4 BCE to 4 BCE

    Birth of Jesus Christ

    What modern holiday commemorates this event? - Christmas
  • Period: 1 CE to 1 CE

    Traditional date for the birth of Christ

    Why is this event in the middle of BC/AD? What does BC/AD mean?
    The event is in the middle because thats simply how we measured time, by the birth of Jesus. BC means before christ and AD means Anno Domini.
  • Period: 30 to 30

    Crucifixion of Christ

    What modern holiday commemorates this event? - Easter
  • Period: 284 to 305

    The Tetrarchy

    what was the Roman Tetrarchy and why did Diocletian create it?
    The Roman Tetrarchy was the 4 part division of the empire. It was created to divide the power between multiple emperors.
  • Period: 312 to 312

    Battle of milvian bridge

    Why did Constantine covert to christianity and how did this change the roman empire? They converted to gain approval. This had many benefits on the society.
  • Period: 476 to 476

    The fall of rome

    Which Barbarians caused the fall of Rome? Which part of the empire fell and what happened to the other part? - The Huns invaded and caused many other tribes to do so. The west fell while the other half went on for hundreds of years.
  • Period: 498 to 448

    The Greco Persian Wars

    Who were they? - The Achaemenid Empire and Greek city states.
  • Period: 618 to 907

    Tang Dynasty

    They are considered the golden age of Chinese culture .
  • Period: 622 to 750

    The Spread of Islam

    Islam spread through trade, military conquests, and missionaries.
  • Period: 622 to 1258

    The Islamic Golden Age

    They advanced many types of math and science, as well as different arts.
  • Period: 768 to 899

    The Carolingian empire

    They had great advancements in schooling. They made many schools and innovations in education.
  • Period: 793 to 1066

    The viking age

    The viking age was caused from trade in Europe and growing urbanism.
  • Period: 801 to 1492

    The reconquista

    This was a reconquest of christian territory.
  • Period: 960 to 1279

    Song dynasty

    They were known for their amazing art.
  • Period: 1096 to 1291

    The Crusades

    What were the causes and goals? - The Crusades caused many conflicts and they were meant to take back Jerusalem.
  • Period: 1235 to

    The Mali Empire

    Islam converted the Mali Empire and heavily impacted them.
  • Period: 1325 to 1521

    The aztec empire

    What were they known for? - They were known for their brutal and fierce lifestyle. They also had advanced agriculture and they had many temples.
  • Period: 1368 to

    Ming dynasty

    They were known for their great trade routes outside of china.
  • Period: 1438 to 1533

    The inca empire

    What were they known for? - They were known for their method of gaining power. They would convince people to let them have control in the mountains.