Dui arrest records

Health 9

  • Period: to

    My life (80) years

  • Learned to walk

    Learned to walk
    This will help me to possibly get to work or just transport myself in general.
  • Learned to drive a quad

    This will help me to put some time in at the farm and do work at the farm.
  • Went to first hockey game

    This was mostly for fun and it was just a good experience
  • Got my learners

    Five days after I turned 14 I went and did the test to get my learners. I succeeded on the first try. This is my first step to being able to drive which will be good for getting to work and such.
  • Getting good marks in school

    This good for looking back at my record and possibly a good thing to get into college or get a job before graduating
  • Drivers license

  • [Crashed car]

    Ran over the Pedestrian with my car and my drivers license gets removed
  • Graduate and go college to become a geological and geophysical technologist

  • Buy a home

  • Get married and have kids

  • [Get out of jail after 10years]

  • [Live in an appartment]

  • [Get a low pay job away from children]

  • [Finish paying for the lawsuit]

  • [Retire with a crappy pension and no family or a home]

  • Retire and move to some place exotic