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In History
  • -776 BCE

    First Olympic Games

    made to honor father of all gods: Zeus at first only had foot races (running)--later included javelin, discus, long jump, chariot races, wrestling, boxing pushing idea of Arete
  • Period:
    1,600 BCE

    Mycenaean Civilization

    first group enter territory (populants) : 1900 BC high point reached around 1400-1200 BCE
  • Period:
    1,100 BCE
    -750 BCE

    Dark Age

    population/ crop yeild decreased-850 farming revival many Greeks left mainland and dispersed over many islands 8th century: used alphabet--1st system of writing in Greece end of dark ages: Homer's epics Homer epics: (tells deed of a great hero) Iliad, Odyssey--idea of arete honour courage won through stuggle/contest/battle gave males a model to strive for, epics used for education for males (patriarchal society)
  • Period:
    -495 BCE
    -429 BCE

    Age of Pericles (Golden Age)

  • Period:
    -470 BCE
    -399 BCE

    Socrates Life

    philosophy definition: love of wisdom philosophers' main question: development of critical/ rational thought and places of divine (godly/gods) forces in it. Sophists: denounce this thinking- think it's foolish they believe in rhetoric (persuasive speaking) and argue understaning univers is too complicated for humans. the best humans can do is self improvement Athens socrates=stonemason, has 0 writinngs, socratic method (used 2day Q&A style, knowledge present in every1- critic eye needed 2 C
  • Period:
    -449 BCE
    -323 BCE

    Classical Greece

    between beginning of Persian wars and death of Alexander The Great includes Age of Pericles
  • Period:
    -428 BCE
    -348 BCE

    Plato Life

    student of Socrates