English: 87- B
    Math: 77- C
    History: 81- B
    Science: 76- C
    AVID: 95- A
    French: 83- B
    Health: 95- A 21 Grade Points
    My GPA is 3.0
  • 9th grade

    My plans for 9th grade are getting my credits by doing community service. I also will need to participate in clubs so I can make new friends in the new school I will be going to. It would be good for me to start planning for college just to have an idea of what I want to study in high school. That would make my life easier and it would help me succeed in the future.
  • 10th grade

    My plans for 10th grade are challenging myself a little now that I am adjusted to my new school lifestyle. I will try new things like doing extracurricular activities and more advanced learning to see what's beneficial and best for me.
  • 11th grade

    My plans for 11th grade are getting to work and taking my junior year seriously. Considering i'm closer to heading off to college, this year I will make sure I am not failing and will work hard to get high grades. This year I will make sure I have most of my credits to graduate high school. I don't want to leave everything last minute as this will cause me stress and procrastination.
  • 12th grade

    My plans for 12th grade are making sure I have everything I need to graduate. I will also make sure I am well prepared for college not just emotionally but financially too. Other than that, I will try to see if I could get scholarships with the help of my AVID teachers. Basically 12th grade will be a year where I will be preparing for college