Gall future theatre career

By Galla
  • Born

    I was born in June 6 2007 In Louisiana, Baton Rouge
  • Elementary

    I went to school at imagine camelback we’re I would graduate my middle school year in
  • Graduate

    On may 23 2022 was when I graduate my middle school year
  • Attended high school

    Attended high school
    I then attended Phoenix college prep academy where my theatre career and future will all begin.
  • How it started?

    How it started?
    That’s where it all started having theatre as my sophomore year which made me love a lot about theatre.
  • Classes took

    Classes took
    My college year I took film design classes at ucla
  • Fun fact

    Fun fact
    I was a part of a set design in ucla where they had the biggest play was showed.
  • Graduated!!

    I then graduated from college in may 21st 2030
  • Bachelor degree

    Bachelor degree
    I later in late early December earned my bachelor degree which I’ve worked for. For the past 4 years.
  • Fun fact

    Fun fact
    I then bought a big studio in early February and turn it into a film/movie set where most famous people would soon act
  • Retire

    I later retire after kidney issue in may 24th 2084 where I would turn 77 years old.
  • Statue

    They mad a statue of me in the UCLA campus for becoming one of the world most successful set designer in history.
  • Death

    I then later died in Jan 20th 2102 heart attack