from republic to empire

By B1111
  • 127

    the decline

    Romes small farms were not producing as much becaus they didnt need to. the people they conquered were forced to be slaves. new wealth caused corruption to the republic.
  • 161

    augustus ceasar

    econemy was strong. he restored peace to rome. he expanded the empire. improved infestructure and econemy through trade.
  • 305


    tried to strengthen army. he doubled the size of the military. he divided the empire into the west and east. he ruled the wealthier half. he appointed a co emperor to manage poorer side.
  • 330


    he fought with lycineas at milvian. he and his army won. he united the empire. he move the Roman capital from Rome to Byzantium.
  • 500

    The colapse

    visigpths conquered and looted rome in 410.vandles captured rome in 455. osogoths led final collapse in 476.
  • Pax Romana

    Pax Romana lasted 200 years from 27 bce to 180 ce. during this time there was peaace in Rome. the military became stronger, better econemy due to better trade and better laws to maintain society.
  • Roman Law

    Roe made laws called the 12 tables. these laws were made to epand and maintain the empire quikly.
  • 50 years of decline

    this began under the rule of commodus. happened after a lot of weak corrupt rulers. they hired mercinarys. the size of the empire decreased. serious economic problems.
  • Commodus

    bad leader. commodus only cared about entertainment. spent all of the wealth on entertainment. he allowed others to help him lead rome. lead to colapse.
  • republic started

    at this time the senates dominated the republic. there were 2 other classes the patricians were the upper wealthier class and the plebeians were the lower poorer class. plbeians gained more power and were able to veto laws that could affect them. patricians were the controllers of the goverment. plebeians were made up of peasant farmers freed slaves and depndants of patricians.