Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

  • 16 chapters, 337 pages

    Teen Fiction/Sports 23-36 pages; total (14)
    The Pre-season: The book starts off with a very brief speech made by the Permian Highschool head football coach. Then goes into graphic detail about Odessa, the setting. The small Texas town with a big history of uncivilized people doing stupid things. In fact, the only thing that remained constant, was highschool football.
  • 36-68 (68)

    The town's annual event called the Watermrlon Feed, in which the town gathers in the cafeteria to await the announcement of Permian football players that year. The applause of the past year star running back, Shawn Crow, starts another topic from the author, Boobie. The starting running back for the upcoming year has already gotten offers from big Division 1 schools like Nebraska. Just weeks before the friday night opener, after the watermelon feed, Permian has a scrimmage. Boobie gets hurt.
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    The fresh new chapter starts off with a sad, before I die speech given buy Billy Winchell, the father of the 1988 Permian quarterback Mike winchell. Then goes into great detail of the now starting runningback, Don Billingsly. The splitting image of his dad, the once great Permian tailback, Charlie Billingsly.
  • 87-128(128)

    A very long and detailed description of the "Black and White" of Odessa/Permian Highschool. Not the jersey colors, but more of a history of blacks and whites in Odessa. How the Southside, seperated by a rail road, was the seperation of where the Blacks luved, and the Whites. Also in this chapter refrence to the "n-word" was frequent.
  • 128-153(153)

    A detailed chapter about what school and classes were like at Permian. How the pep rallies went on fridays, from the average school day of Don Billingsly. The way this school goes about class is any high-schooler's dream. Meaning it's very easy.
  • 153-179(179)

    Chapter 8; East verusu West. This chapter was all about the rivalry between the Permian highschool and Odessa high school. How the glory of the OHS was taken away by the building of Permian Highschool. ODH had been beaten by the Permian Pnathers the last 15 meetings. It also goes into detail of why the ODH football team started to suck. The common answer was the uprising in Mexicans.
  • 179-199(199)

    This section starts off with a description of Brian Chavez and his dad. How his dad didn't really have anything growing up and since he was rich now, he wanted to give his sons everything he could never have. Then the section breaks off into the beginning of chapter 10; Boobie Who. Just started it and it basically says Boobie has been long forgotten.
  • 199-213(213)

    The wrap up of Boobie Who can be concluded like this; Boobie got some playing time each game only to be severley out played by Comer. The Panthers extend their record to 7-1, as the push for the playoffs. A new chapter starts-Sisters- which starts off by describing the sisterly connection between Midland and Odessa. Not the lovey sister type but more of, Midland being the rich goody too shoe one, and Odessa being the I don't care one.
  • 213-276(276)

    Eventually the Sisters chapter wraps up and, in great detail, eplains the reasons for midland and Odessa hating eachother. Then it goes into the chapter Civil War when takes us back to thebeginnig of the book with the loss to Midland Lee which sparks the true "civil war" between the neighbors, Midland and Odessa. and then the next chapter, Heads or Tails. since Permian has the same record as Midland Lee and Cooper High school(continues on next event)
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    The three coaches had to drive up to a kept secret truck stop, na dflip a coin to get into the playoffs, since only two teams can advance into them. The gloom of losing a very successful season to some uncontrollable coin flip, was upon Coach Gaines, but when he and Midland Lee's coach ar4e victorios in the coin flip. The start of the next chapter, Friday night addiction. It begins with the score of Permian's f\irst round game against the Amarillo Tascosa with blow out win, 31-7.
  • 276-337(337)end of book(continues onto next event.

    With a win over El Paso in the second round, the Permian Panthers advanced. After players read the letters postde most likely by the coaches which was basically yelling at the player for drinking and partying after the games, Permian went on to beat the Ivory Nimwits 48-7. Then the next chapter The Algebraic Equation. Goes into great detail about Permian's next opponet, David W. Carter High School. How it was like to be a student there, well football student athlete, no tests, no homework
  • 276-337(337)continues on next event

    It was eay to get good grades there. After being previosly kicked out of the playoffs by high school elgibility officials, the support for Carter was able to fight for the ineligible players in court. The next and final chapter Field of Dreams isx evry football players' dream, playing under the lights in a nice stadium only one game away from the championship. Down 7-6 at half time absolutely beat up, By the time there was only a minute 15 left, Permian, who had exchanged punts with Carter the
  • 276-337(337) continued on next event

    the last 9 minutes or so. But Permina got the ball at the 48with a minute fifteen left. After a nice third down conversion and a touchdown saving swat by Carter's Jessie Armstead, Permian was faced with a 3rd and 8b at the Carter 32. Afetr a great play by Hill, Permian had a irst down atv the Carter ten with 22 seconds left. But there was a hold by center Clint Duncan pushing Permioan back to the Carter 35 and an 11 yard gain made it 4th and 6 with ten seconds left. Winchell, looking for Brown
  • 276-337(337) end of book

    For Brown across the middle, it was intercepted. Permian had lossed. Silence in the locker room. Emotions high, and the taking down of Senior names in the great sense of moving on the MOjo tradition.