Freshman year<3(:

  • Meeting Dylan(:

    Meeting Dylan(:
    My first day of high school I was so nervous. I had a belly full of butterflies and did not know what to expect. I met someone though who led me through everything and made my first day of high school simply amazing!
  • Learning About Metacognition

    Learning About Metacognition
    I learned that Metacognition is the awareness and understanding of one's own thought process. I remember this was our first word all word and that I was excited that we would be learning a new word every week!
  • Mama bird

    Mama bird
    This was the day that I became best frinds what Samantha Lundy. She became my mama bird. I love her so much and she made my freshman year one that was amazing!
  • Me And Myleigh Became Best Friends Again!

    Me And Myleigh Became Best Friends Again!
    Me and Myleigh were best friends in the 8th grade. Over the summer we got into a pretty bad fight, and didn't talk to eachother at all. I remember the second day of school we were in theater class and she asked me to sit by her. I was so happy that we were friends again because I had really missed her friendship.
  • I Am Officialy Kitty!

    I Am Officialy Kitty!
    This is the day that I found out that I was Kitty in the school musical. I was super excited because I got to play Dylan's leading lady. I was still getting to know Dylan, and I could not wait to act with him on stage. This was also my first time I would get to preform on the Benton stage and I could not wait!
  • The day I started dating Dylan(:

    The day I started dating Dylan(:
    We were at a choir car wash on September 11, and Dylan was there. We both knew we liked eachother alot and this is the day that we officaily started dating.
  • My 15th Birthday

    My 15th Birthday
    On my 15th birthday I remember I woke up and my mom and dad gave me a beautiful cross necklas before I went to school. I then had to go to school and take the explore test all day. I wasn't too excited to test all day on my birthday, but overall I remember that it was a really good birthday.
  • Learning The T-Rex Strategy

    Learning The T-Rex Strategy
    We learned the T- Rex strategy which stands for Truth, Response to prompt, evidence, and explination. We learned this strategy while working on our Beauty is Truth paper. I learned alot with this strategy and I think I will find it very helpful in the future.
  • Opening Night!

    Opening Night!
    Opening night for the Drowsey Chaperone was one of the best opening nights I have ever been through. I remember I was a big bowl of nerves, but I also remember it was a great show and all my family and friends were there. I also remember this was when I first met Dylan's family and got to preform for them!
  • Engagement!

    I remember today was the day Buzz and Lindsay called to tell us that they were getting married!!
  • I Am Officialy Little Red Riding Hood!

    I Am Officialy Little Red Riding Hood!
    I remember waking up this morning to a phone call by Dylan. He told me two or three times that I was cast as Little Red in our school's spring show, however I was to tired to understand what he was saying. I remember when I realized what he said I was so happy! This was also the day that we went sledding together for the first time and this was also super fun!
  • The Day Dylan Came To See Honk.

    The Day Dylan Came To See Honk.
    This was the day that Benton Drama Club came to see Honk at the Missouri theater. I was super excited because this was a huge production that I was a part of it and they were all coming to see it! I was especially excited to see Dylan afterwards. He told me that he was so proud of me! That was the most fun I have ever had preforming on stage.
  • Learning about point of view

    Learning about point of view
    I remember learning about point of veiw, and remembering how I never understood this concept. I have always struggled with this concept and I still do. However I enjoyed all of the stories we read and how it helped me to understand the concept a little bit better.
  • Learning About Imagrey

    Learning About Imagrey
    We learned about imagery and Mrs. Corzine read us a story about a young boy eating a mouse. This is what I remember most about Imagery. I also remember Mrs. L talking about how yummy dirt was and how it tasted like cheese cake. I remember I thought she was crazy and I didn't know how anyone could eat dirt.
  • My major truth I learned

    My major truth I learned
    I remember we were about to go to lunch and Mrs. L was talking about her dad and she said this quote that I will always remember. She said "When I started living mylife to please myself instead of living my life to please others, I began to please others because I was pleasing myself." This truth has taught me so much and I will never forget it.
  • First One Act Show!

    First One Act Show!
    This was opening night of my first one act show! This was my first year to be a part of the one acts festival and it was so cool to see how students directed the shows instead of Shultz. I loved the expeireance and can not wait till the next one!
  • Mothers day 2011

    Mothers day 2011
    Mother's day was great this year! I remember I got my mom some magnets for her charm necklas, really pretty flowers, a charm braclet, and a scrapbook that made her cry. I think this was the best mother's day for my mom and I am so glad she loved it.
  • I Finished My Book "Lock and Key"

    I Finished My Book "Lock and Key"
    This was my favorite book that I have read all year. It was a love story and I remember I was sitting in Biology class reading through the last chapter and I had a big smile on my face through the whole chapter. The ending was super sweet and I loved it so much! Best book ever!
  • Eating dirt

    Eating dirt
    When we talked about imagery I remember Mrs. L telling us that she ate dirt and that it was so creamy and yummy and tasted like cheesecake. This day we tried it and it was discusting!!
  • Moving churches

    Moving churches
    After Adrian got fired me and my family moved to Grace. It was so hard to go through and it took alot of strength. After it was all said and done with however everything turned out to be alright!