Freshman Year

Timeline created by NateJKJ
  • The Beginning Of A New Year

    The Beginning Of A New Year
    The beginnig of my freshman year, I felt really cofident about the classes. I felt cofident because my mom had told me that it is real easy, and everything is the same as middle school, just a little bit harder. I wanted to do really good my freshman year.
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    Freshman Year

    This is a timeline of 180 days of my freshman year, and how I made new friends, to making the basketball team.
  • Metacognition

    This is the day I learned what metacognition meant. It means awareness and understanding of one's own thought process. It's a good thing that I learned this because I had no clue what it meant. Now if someone were to ask me what it means, I can tell them.
  • Engaging

    On this day I learned what engaging meant, it means something that gets your attention and looks interesting. I never knew what this meant, now if someone wanted to know I can simply tell them. Basketball I find engaging because it gets my attention and keeps me interested.
  • Meeting New Friends

    Meeting New Friends
    I made a new friend during this month. His name is Dayton and is pretty funny. I seen him last year in 8th grader but I really didn't know him until this year. I hang out with him at his house sometimes. I made other new friends but it's not as fun as hanging out with them.
  • The First Book I Finished

    The First Book I Finished
    The first book I finished was the comeback kids. This was a goal I wanted to achieve, it took me six days to finish this book. I felt good about that.
  • Learning Parts Of Speech

    Learning Parts Of Speech
    This is the day that I remembered parts of speech. This was a good thing because I couldn't remember anything about parts of speech. So it was good that we went over this again.
  • Kickoff

    Kickoff was a book I finished. It was about two NFL players Tiki and Ronde Barber, it was about them two starting junior high and going out for the football team. I learned a few things about them that I didn't know before. This book was fun to read.
  • Painting My Room

    Painting My Room
    In this month I decided to paint my room Kansas Jayhawk colors. My room was just green before, now the walls are blue, my windows are red, and the strips at the top are yellow. I have curtains and jerseys, and I have a clock. It's really cool.
  • Heat

    Heat was the name of a book that I finished reading. This book was really good, it's a baseball book. I've read this book one than one time. It had a lot of pages in it so it was challenging reading all those pages. I would read this book again because I enjoy it.
  • Halloween

    Halloween is a cool holiday, all the candy that we buy, it's not one of my favorite holidays but it's alright. I see all these kids wearing their costumes going trick or treating. I'm just in it for the candy.
  • Freshman Basketball Tryouts

    Freshman Basketball Tryouts
    This was the first day of basketball tryouts. This was important to me because I really wanted to make the team and get a starting spot. I had to work really hard to accomplish these goals. It all worked out in the end.
  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time when my family comes to my grandmas house to eat. We have a really fun time, we always have lots of food to eat. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because the family is together and having a great time.
  • First Basketball Game

    First Basketball Game
    This was my first basketball game. I was really excited about this, we were facing Chilicothe at their home. We played hard and came out with the victory by two points. I felt good because I did all I good to help the team win.
  • Christmas Break Is Here

    Christmas Break Is Here
    Christmas break is finally here, I got to sleep in and then relax. Not worrying about school or anything else. Plus it gives me more time to hang out with my cousins and everyone else more than what I usually could do.
  • Christmas

    Christmas was finally here, we stay at my grandmas on Christmas Eve, we've always done that for as long as I can remember. Christmas has to be my favorite holiday because the family is together, we stay up half the night playing games, plus we get gifts.
  • Parts Of Literature

    Parts Of Literature
    When we were learning parts of literature I couldn't remember anything about it. Good thing we went back over so now I can understand and know what the parts are.
  • My 15th Birthday

    My 15th Birthday
    My birthday was really fun, all I wanted was just money. I got a 100 dollars and I have gotten a new phone a few months ago. When my mom and them got back from Kansas City. We went out to eat at Cheddars. It was a pretty good day.
  • Major Lesson I Learned

    Major Lesson I Learned
    I learned a major lesson about high school. I learned that not everything is going to be easy, and that some of your friends will turn on you. I learned that if you really want to do something, you should do it because nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break
    Spring break was a time that I needed. No school, no nothing. It was fun and I got to hang out with my friends. The weather wasn't that nice but it was still good not having school for like 5 days. I'll take that any day.
  • Writing Piece I'm Proud Of

    Writing Piece I'm Proud Of
    One writing piece that I am proud of was the fictional story I wrote. It was about a guy named Jacoby, who was forced to fight in the Vietnam War, which he thought was wrong. I'm proud of this because I worked hard and a lot on this and I completed this on time to.