French Revolution

  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • KIng Louis takes throne

    King Louis takes throne after his father dies.
  • France signs a deal

    France signs a deal with American Revolutionaries for military alliance
  • King is confronted

    Charles de Calonne, the new finance minister, informs Louis XVI of France’s imminent bankruptcy, proposing immediate fiscal and taxation reform
  • Storming of the Bastille ignites the French Revolution

    A mob looking for arms and gunpowder stormed the Bastille. The mob over-whelmed the guards and seized control of the building. The attackers hacked the prison commander and several guards to death, and then paraded around the streets with the dead men's heads on pikes
  • Great Fear

    Great Fear begins as peasants revolt across France
  • No more parlemants

    the Parlemants are formally abolished
  • Food riot

    Food riot happens in Paris because of shortage
  • King attempts to flee

    KIng attempts to flee to Verennes, but is recognised and is forced back
  • France declares war

    France declares war on Austria, but flees on sight of enemy
  • Massacres in Paris

    Massacres in Paris result in 1200 deaths
  • King Louis is executed

    The reign of terror begins after King Louis was executed by guillotine. He was found guilty by committing treason, which lead to his beheading.
  • No slavery

    National Assembly abolishes slavery in all French colonies
  • Napoleon forces in Italy

    Napoleon lead the French army against the forces of Austria and the Kingdom of Sardinia. Crossing the Alps, Napoleon swept into Italy and won several battles
  • Napoleon is crowned

    Napoleon crowns himself emporer, and begins to create a vast European empire
  • Napoleon is defeated

    Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo