French King Philip IV vs. Catholic Pope Boniface VIII

  • Jan 1, 1300

    The begganing of the battle between King Philip IV and Pope Boniface VIII

    Early 1300s the Age of Faith was still strong, but it was slowly deteriorating because French King Philip IV did not agree with the way Pope Boniface thought things were supposed to go. The Pope told King Philip that the pope had always had control of the ruler, and it were to say that way.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to Dec 31, 1400

    Effects of King Philip IV and Pope Boniface VIII's fight

  • Sep 1, 1303

    King Philip IV wins battle against Pope Boniface VIII

    Boniface was not going to let King Philip effect the power that the Popes had in goverment, so he had gotten a document saying that kings must always obey the popes. Philip was not phased much by this action; he had Pope Boniface put in prision and had planned to put him on trial, but Boniface had died in prision. There was never a pope that would be able to foce the king to do what they say.
  • Dec 1, 1305

    Cardinals chose Clement V as pope

    King Philip IV convinced Cardinals to choose a French Bishop; Clement V. Clement V had moved from Rome to a city on France named Avignon. For 69 years, this is where the popes lived.
  • Jan 1, 1378

    Papacy moved back to Rome

    Moving to Avignoin was a horrible decision, because it had weakened the church greatly. Reformers moved back to Rome, but it only made things worse. When Pope Gregory XI died, there were mobs of people demanding a Roman or Itilian pope. months later, They had elected a another pope who spoke French who went by the name Clement VII. This an end result of King Philip IV "winning" the battle against Pope Boniface VIII.